Digital picture of a human head and brain

The study of psychology is not a crash course in how to read minds, it is about deepening ones understanding of what makes us tick and is an extremely exciting area of study.

Our Psychology courses have an excellent reputation for quality of teaching and are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Answers to the big questions

The study of psychology aims to deepen our understanding of what makes us tick. It helps us answer big questions like "How can we explain aggressive behaviour?", "How can an understanding of psychology explain personality differences?" or “How can we best treat mental illness?”.

It also provides answers to little questions, like "Why do I like using Facebook so much?" or "Why do I get annoyed when my team plays badly?"

Analysing human behaviour

Our academic courses in Psychology will help you learn about "the scientific study of human mind and behaviour" (British Psychological Society), and our applied programmes will help you learn how to use psychological knowledge to solve the real world problems of individuals and groups, promoting physical and mental health.

In studying Psychology, you will learn how to critically evaluate complex information, problem solve and reason scientifically. And in addition to learning about others, you will also learn about yourself, developing your self-awareness and understanding.

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