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Philosophy at UWE Bristol has an excellent reputation for high-quality teaching and research in a lively and engaging environment.

Our courses

Our BA(Hons) Philosophy offers a distinctive and diverse course of study, from pre-Socratic and medieval to ground-breaking contemporary philosophy, and everything interesting and topical in between. The course provides a solid foundation in the central issues of philosophy, and students are encouraged to create a unique path of study depending on their interests and strengths.

Employable graduates

"A philosophy degree will train the student's brain and give them the ability to be very analytical, provide clear and innovative thinking, and question assumptions." says Fiona Czerniawska, director of the Management Consultancies Association's think tank.

Philosophy graduates are in growing demand by employers. This is attributed mainly to the broad and transferable skills that students develop while studying philosophy.

Skills like critical thinking and analysis, rational argumentation, excellent writing and logical reasoning as well as presenting and event-organising shape philosophy students into well rounded, open-minded graduates with diverse career paths and a competitive place in the job market.

Thriving Philosophy Society

We have a thriving, student-run Philosophy Society that hosts numerous social and academic activities throughout the year. These include discussions by invited guest speakers, pub quizzes, reading groups and free weekly socials.

The society provides a place for anyone interested in philosophy to meet like minded people and for students to get to know each other, share ideas, and get help with their work from their peers. All events are free and open to everyone. Visit the UWE Philosophy Society on Facebook for more information.

Great graduate prospects

Student view

Find out about Vashti's experience of studying BA(Hons) Philosophy at UWE Bristol.

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Did you know?

  • UWE Bristol is ranked Top 10 UK universities for Philosophy (Source: Guardian university league tables 2020).
  • Philosophy achieved 100% for overall course satisfaction in the 2019 National Student Survey.
  • UWE Bristol is a branch of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP).

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