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Criminology is the study of crime, its impact upon and relationship with both society and the individual.

Rooted in the social sciences

Criminology at UWE Bristol is rooted in the social sciences and stresses the subject’s multi-disciplinary nature, focusing on its links with Sociology, Law, Psychology, History, Social policy, Philosophy and Media studies.

This is reflected in the teaching and research experience of the academic staff involved in the programme, as well as the range of modules offered (including, Criminal Psychology, Policing and Punishment; Comparative and transnational Crime; Criminal Justice Placement).

Course content

The content of the criminology programme ranges from theories of crime, the practicalities of the criminal justice system and the processes involved in doing research, all of which provide a grounding to examine the psychology and behaviour of offenders (including sexual offences, hate crime, youth crime, terrorism, crowd violence), the impact of offending (ie victimology, cost to the state) and responses to crime (ie police, probation, community reintegration).

The Criminology programme works to give students an in-depth understanding of the real world realities of crime and criminal justice, allowing them to apply empirical and theoretical research most effectively.

The student experience

The criminology programmes at UWE Bristol emphasise the student experience, offer transferable skills and are orientated towards employment related issues, especially in regard to working with criminal justice agencies.

Research culture

Criminology has an established research culture here at UWE Bristol, focusing on the impacts and implications of a range of criminality with funding from organisations (including ESRC, Ministry of Justice, Association of Chief Police Officers, Bristol City Council) and through partnership working with a range of Agencies (including Avon and Somerset Police, Police Service of Northern Ireland, Transform, Circles of Support and Accountability as well as Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers). 

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