Student societies

From Sociology, through to Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, our students have opportunities to engage in lively debates on critical issues affecting us all, locally and globally.

Students can enjoy engagement with societies and journals set up and led by their lecturers and tutors. For example, lead editorship of an e-international journal is held within the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences and is an excellent resource which allows students to stay up-to-date with current international affairs, download articles, contribute to blog discussions and simply be in the game.

Politics and International Relations

There is a lively and engaged politics and international relations community at UWE. The UWE Politics and International Relations Society (PAIRS) is a student-run society, which is open to all those interested in this subject area.


We also have a thriving and much loved student run UWE Philosophy Society that hosts numerous social and academic activities both on and off campus throughout the year. These include discussions by invited guest speakers, pub quizzes, reading groups and free weekly socials.

The society provides a place for anyone interested in philosophy to meet like-minded people and for students to get to know each other, share ideas, and get help with their work from their peers. All events are free and open to everyone.

Social Science in the City

In addition, students can get involved in Social Science in the City ™ at UWE. Students have entered into critical social scientific discussions throughout the city and beyond, and we are proud that our students contribute to research in neighbouring communities.

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