Sensors Laboratory

Key facilities

Sensors LabSensor test rigs

Both rigs have the capacity to measure nine sensors at one time. The rigs are computerised and controlled using in-house designed software.

Sensor-Array systems

These can both be linked to in-house designed autosampling valve assemblies, and are controlled via computer/in-house written software.

One system is currently undergoing independent field trials at Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association at a wheat intake laboratory.

The other sensor system is currently linked to a Gas Chromatography system in order to assess hybrid separation/sensor systems for disease detection.

Electronic Nose

A commercial handheld electronic nose which is used as a comparative benchmark for developing methods.


Projects that take place in the volatile analysis lab translate to the Sensors Laboratory as this is where sensors/systems are produced according to the volatiles detected.

Other research being carried out includes a project to look at methods/systems for detecting accelerants at arson sites.  This has resulted in a novel light-activated sensor, capable of sensitive detection of non-polar volatiles at room temperature.

Other projects include:

  • a project to detect markers of stress in humans (sponsored by BAE Systems)
  • a project to synthesise novel magnetic molecules for the specific removal of radioactive ions from effluents (sponsored by BRADTECH);
  • and a project concerned with chemical computing (sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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