Nuclear Suite

Key facilities

Two small laboratories divide the work into high and low energy emitters, and a non-active area. They house various counting facilities including:

  • Beta/luminescence plate counter
  • Beta scintillation counter
  • Gamma counter
  • Gamma spec counter
  • Radon detector
  • Xray fluoresence identification

There is an area for non-radioactive work mainly for sequencing/human profiling in the department.

They use the ABI 3130 XL genetic analyser and have an ABI GeneAmp pcr system 9700. Here they work with tritium, and have a Tomtec automatic cell harvester.

They also work with C-14. The company BradTec uses these facilities for product investigations.

There is another area where work is carried out with P-32, I-125, S-35, Cs-137, Technicium - 99. Here they have two growth cabinets for plant induction.

This is now a research only department and all work using radioisotopes is carried out in here.

Current research carried out here includes: investigating change of gene expression to low level radiation; NO2 cyclic GMP in ABA signalling in guard cells; Hydrogen Peroxide in signalling in guard cells; Sources of NO2. in guard cells; Protein kinase assay auxine signalling in guard cells.; Multi enzyme complexes involved in pyrimidine synthesis; BCAT assay; and some research into leukaemia.

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