Environmental Field Centre

starfishEnvironmental Field Room

Key Facilities

  • Minus 80 freezer
  • Other freezers & fridges
  • Laminar flow cabinet
  • Drying cabinet

This fieldwork facility is for treatment of “dirty” samples, such as soils, plant, animal and fungal material brought back from field visits. There are washing facilities for field equipment, and an area for students to identify and manipulate samples and materials. It also serves as a point from which to load equipment for field trips.

Field Equipment Store

Key Facilities

This contains equipment for field trips and student projects covering a variety of needs including:

  • Waders and life jackets
  • Hand and Seine nets
  • Tullgren funnels
  • Moth traps
  • Sampling kit for soils, rivers and ground water
  • Survey equipment
  • Identification books and laminated keys
  • Paqualabs

Research Laboratory

Key Facilities

Research in OJ17a makes use of HPLC, and gel electrophoresis to study biological and morphological effects of compounds on aquatic animals. Currently the main research interests are the changes at protein level in invertebrates in response to heavy metal exposure and the proteomic effect of abiotic stresses on plants.

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