Bristol Genomics Research Institute (BGRI)

BGRIThe UWE, Bristol Genomics Research Institute is a major addition to the University, housing state of the art technologies for post-genomics research. Current research is focused mainly on molecular plant science and molecular biomedicine. Recent research conducted in the BGRI include an EU Framework V funded project to develop a new methodology for blood grouping; an EU Framework VI network of excellence funded project to end invasive procedures in prenatal diagnostics; and BBSRC and Defra funded projects to look at 'Oxidative stress' in plants and how plants regulate water loss.

Key facilities

Branching off of OM are 0M006 (the mass spectrometry room); 0M007 (the PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction - room where DNA is multiplied); and 0M008 (the Proteomics clean room where proteomics (the analysis of proteins from DNA) and transcriptomics (the analysis of DNA) take place.

The BGRI has:

  • A core DNA sequencing facility and operates a Applied Biosystem Genetic Analyser 3130xl DNA sequencer
  • Two micromass mass spectrometers
  • A Bio-Rad Icycler real-time PCR to detect a variety of fluorescent labelled PCR products
  • An arrayer and scanner - to be exact a biorobotics microgrid II TAS arrayer that can fabricate DNA protein arrays to a very high density
  • In the proteomics/transcriptomics clean room there is a typhoon gel imager to detect proteins on high resolution 1D and 2D cells.
  • An Applied Biosystems 7000 realtime PCR machine.

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