Introduction to the Department of Allied Health Professions

AHP students

The Department of Allied Health Professions brings together specialists in the areas of Diagnostic Imaging, Radiotherapy and Oncology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy.

The Department has an excellent national and international reputation with students from all over the UK as well as overseas.

We are committed to educating students to meet the demands of their professions. Particular emphasis is placed on creating an environment which facilitates the development of effective therapists who are analytical and reflective; use evidence-based practice to guide their clinical reasoning; and who are able to meet the changing needs within health and social care today and in the future.

Staff are are actively involved with research and consultancy in many fields, representing the breadth and diversity of the professional groups.

The Department also incorporates discipline specific and interdisciplinary education to prepare students to work in a diverse health and social care environment.

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