Facilities in the Department of Allied Health Professions

Students using Virtual Linear Accelerator

Interprofessional Simulation Suites

These facilities provide excellent opportunities for the demonstration and practice of professional competencies in an interprofessional context. Watch this short film to learn more about our virtual facilities.

Virtual Linear Accelerator (VLA)

UWE is the first university in the UK to install this version of the Virtual Linear Accelerator, a revolutionary tool that helps to train students to deliver doses of radiotherapy to tumours in a virtual radiotherapy room environment. This allows students to develop technical skills before going into placements where further training on linear accelerators will be given.

Nursing Skills Simulation Suite

The Department has a well equipped Nursing Skills Simulation Suite. Students are given the opportunity to undertake routine nursing procedures designed to build confidence and competency, before actually applying these to real patients in placement settings.

The Suite has sophisticated video recording and playback equipment in order to review group interactions and assess individual attitudes and communication skills.

An observation room allows analysis of group interactions for learning purposes in a discreet non-intrusive way. The Suite is regularly updated to ensure that all equipment is 'current', up-to-date and closely related to that used in clinical practice. Some of the routine physical procedures practised in the Suite include:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Monitoring vital signs such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure
  • Fluid monitoring
  • Elimination

Other experiences include practice in life support skills at a basic and advanced level. Lecturers closely guide and supervise students in the use of computer aided mannequins to practice life saving techniques such as:

  • Cannulation and the use of intravenous fluids
  • Endotracheal tube insertion and laryngeal mask insertion
  • Defibrillation
  • Managing a cardiac arrest

Imaging Suite

A variety of equipment and accessories are available providing a controlled learning environment in which to demonstrate and explore the production and use of x-rays and to develop positioning and other patient related skills.

The Imaging Suite provides access to:

  • An Xograph Diagnostic X-ray unit, recently upgraded with a Canon Digital Radiography (DR) system, also a Fuji CR Imaging Unit, anthropomorphic phantom for imaging and positioning
  • Mobile equipment including a Siemens mobile x-ray machine and a C-arm image intensifier
  • State-of-the-art digital Quality Assurance equipment
  • Separate ultrasound suite comprising of three contemporary ultrasound devices with scanning phantoms and Quality Assurance test kits
  • IT resources within the suite include: Pukka-J Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS), Hermes Medical Solutions ‘TeleHERMES’ nuclear medicine image manipulation and reporting system.
  • Online user manuals, medical images and interactive user guides for imaging studies.

Human Analysis Laboratory (HAL)

HAL is a laboratory dedicated to physiological and biomechanical measurement for the advancement of teaching and research.

HAL is an integral part of the teaching and research strategies of the Department and has developed into a centre of excellence which focuses on research and education in the field of human performance. For example, in the specialisms of sports medicine, paediatrics, rheumatology, diabetes and pulmonary disease. Activities in HAL are fully supported by clinical and technical specialists within UWE who are guided by professional and ethical standards.

Physiotherapy Practical Rooms

The physiotherapy programme utilises practical rooms for a large proportion of teaching throughout the programme. The practical rooms are equipped with hydraulic treatment couches as used in the clinical environment. This provides the opportunity for students to learn the underlying theory necessary to study physiotherapy in a practical, hands on manner and to practice manual techniques in an environment similar to those experienced on placement.

The rooms are equipped with teaching aids such as skeletons and anatomical models as well as equipment to enable students to practice both manual and electrophysical (eg therapeutic ultrasound) therapy.


The library on the Glenside Campus is one of the best health and social care libraries in England with a huge selection of books, journals and audio-visual materials including access to specialist health and social care databases. A range of services and facilities are available.

Occupational Therapy Resource Centre

The Occupational Therapy Resource Centre (OTRC) is a suite of rooms designed specifically for students' experiential learning about the art and science of occupational therapy.

A variety of resources in the OTRC enable students to practice and develop their hands-on skills, and to build their capacity for clinical reasoning and conceptualising how occupational therapy works. For example, students have access to equipment and simulated 'real life' household environments that allow them to explore environmental adaptation, assistive technology and orthotics/splinting to facilitate occupation and function.

Students can also participate in art and craft-based activities to learn about the intrapersonal and interpersonal dimensions of occupation. In particular, they focus on learning how these personal and group experiences can be harnessed and engineered as a powerful therapeutic process. In short, the OTRC sessions aim to deepen students' understanding of the role that occupations play in individuals' health and well-being; and to foster the practical skills that they - as future practitioners - may use to enable individuals' continuing engagement in them.

Learning Technologies Technical Unit

The Learning Technologies Technical Unit (LTTU), based at the Glenside Campus, is a resource for both student and staff across all campuses and centres. LTTU provide a student project area and many services such as laminating, guillotining, binding of projects, training and loan of video/camera equipment and training on how to edit video tape. Items such as overhead projector film, video cassettes and stationery can be purchased from LTTU.

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