Taking a placement year

What’s a placement?

Full-time undergraduate students have the option to spend typically a year working for a relevant employer. Placements work is usually paid and can be anywhere, even outside the UK. The placement year is often referred to as a 'sandwich year' as it is 'sandwiched' between Years 2 and 3 of a degree.

While on placement a tutor will monitor your progress. At the end of the placement, your overall performance will be assessed on your written work, a report from the company as well as from your tutor.

Why should I take a placement?

There are a number benefits from doing a placement, but perhaps the most important is that it gives you the opportunity to see how the knowledge you are gaining at university operates in the working world; embedding your understanding.

Placement experience also dramatically enhances your chance of finding work soon after you graduate. Many employers will not hire students that have not done a placement.

How do I find a placement?

The Faculty Placement Office maintains contacts with hundreds of potential placement employers. We also give you a lot of help in developing your employability skills, things like preparing your CV and developing your interview technique.

For employers interested in finding out more about offering a placement: Placement information for employers.

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