Transgression -  21-23 November 2013

Presenters on stage at the Transgression Conference

Transgression formed the theme of the 10th international conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) 21-23 November 2013.

This major conference was organised by David Littlefield, Rachel Sara, Jonathan Mosley and Louis Rice, UWE Bristol. With more than 60 speakers, including a specially-commissioned film from Bernard Tschumi, the conference heard from architects, artists, film-makers and theorists about the ways in which notions of transgression can help define practice and readings of space.

Conference details

The scope and context of the Transgression conference.

Conference archive

Conference photos, proceedings, programme and flyer.

Introduction by Bernard Tschumi

Keynote address 1 by Bernard Tschumi.

Keynote films

Keynote address 2,3,4 and flash fiction film.

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