South Gloucestershire Council and Healthy Urban Planning

Project details

Full Project Title: South Gloucestershire Council and Healthy Urban Planning

Duration:  November 2014-March 2016

Funder:    South Gloucestershire Council

Project Leader for SPE:  Sarah Burgess

Other UWE researchers:  Dr Laurence Carmichael; Dr Michael Short

Research  Partners/collaborators:  South Gloucestershire Council

Project summary 

UWE is working with South Gloucestershire Council to build capacity and develop leadership for healthy urban planning in the Council. The programme of work targets specific issues for the authority and provides bespoke training and capacity building with planning, transport and public health colleagues. The programme includes nine half day workshops delivered over an 18 month period. Outcomes include:

  • Appreciation of the environmental determinants of health.
  • Identification of the relationship between the planning of settlements and health.
  • Recognition of links between planning and transportation systems with public health.
  • Acknowledgement of the impact of health in the policy planning and transport policies.
  • Consideration of the involvement of public health in the policies and strategies.
  • Application of the information and lessons learnt from the training and support provided by the programme in attendees’ areas of work.
  • Improved partnership working between Planning and Transport, and Health and Wellbeing Divisions.

Key outputs

Anticipated outputs include a journal paper and a joint presentation (and/or workshop) with South Gloucestershire at the South West Public Health Residential School. For further information on the project, please contact Sarah Burgess (

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