Research seminars

SERG organises research seminars in relation to the state-of-the-art developments in software engineering research, with both internal and external guest speakers from both the academia and the industry.

The audience includes but is not limited to software engineering researchers in UWE and surrounding areas, especially from the industry, such colleagues from Airbus, HP UK Labs, MBDA etc.

These seminars also contribute to the delivery of an advanced postgraduate module in the MSc Software Engineering programme, namely "Emerging Topics in Software Engineering".

Workshop Call For Papers: IEEE 2013

Requirements Engineering for Cloud Computing
Co-located with the IEEE 2013 Conference on Cloud Computing
December 2-5, 2013

2012 - 2013 seminar schedule

A Use Case Model for Cloud Computing - 3 July 2013

Guest speaker: Dr Mohammed Odeh. Reader and Leader of SERG, UWE Bristol

Cloud and Accountability - 5 June 2013

Guest speaker: Dr Theo Koulouris, Security and Cloud Lab, HP Laboratories

2013 - 2014 seminar schedule

  • 4 September 2013
  • 2 October 2013
  • 6 November 2013
  • 4 December 2013

Seminar titles and speakers to be confirmed.

Previous seminars

  • Requirements For Developing Pervasive Computing Systems
    1 May 2013, Guest Speaker: Dr Saad Liaquat, Senior Lecturer and RA, UWE Bristol
  • Four-Dimensional Reference Model of the Information Assurance and Security Domain, 3 April 2013, Guest Speaker: Yulia Cherdantseva, School of Computer Science and Informatics
  • Ontology-driven Data Re-engineering - 6 March 2013
    Guest Speaker: Dr Sergio de Cesare, School of Information Systems, Brunel University
  • 10 Open Challenges in Software Engineering: Progress and Approaches Meeting Challenges - 6 February 2013
    Guest Speaker: Prof Anthony Finkelstein, Dean Faculty of Engineering Science, University College London
  • Bridging the Gap Between RAD Business Process Models and Service Oriented Environments using pi-ADL - 9 January 2013
    Guest Speaker: Dr Zaheer Khan, Research Fellow, FET, UWE Bristol

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