Verification and Validation

The Verification and Validation chapter of the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG), led by Dr Zaheer Khan, aims to develop new and investigate existing methods, techniques and processes to ensure that quality and reliability of software is maintained throughout its development process; and also to assure that an end product meets stated and implied stakeholder needs and requirements.

Avoiding software failure

As ICT is becoming more pervasive in all areas of society, business, governance and industry sectors, eg smart cities initiative, quality and reliability of software must be assured. Software failures are frequently reported in literature and to ensure successful operation and to avoid failure of software in real environment, software must be rigorously tested for reliability, robustness, efficiency, safety, and security. 


Major activities include but are not limited to automated testing, model checking, code review and inspection, user evaluation, etc with the objective to perform applied research in close collaboration with industrial, research and academic partners. 

In particular, some of the above work is being carried out in the EC FP7 urbanAPI project, where Dr. Khan is leading the evaluation work package and taking overall responsibility for defining user and technical evaluation  methodology.  

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