Research chapters in SERG

The Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) has six key research chapters.

Systems of Systems (SoS) Software Engineering Chapter

Research include but not limited to the development of frameworks, methodologies, modelling methods, techniques, notations, approaches to bridging the gap between the business world and the world of SoS, etc. for the engineering of SoS and also ultra largescale systems that are software intensive.

Business Process Architecture and Requirements Engineering

Research on business process architectures (BPAs), business process modelling, and providing IT support for business processes.

Search-based Software Engineering

Research on applying metaheuristic search techniques such as genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and tabu search to software engineering problems.

Validation and Verification

Research on developing new methods, techniques and processes to ensure that quality and reliability of software is maintained throughout development.

Lifecycle and Project Management

Researching the practical application, and real world relevance, of lifecycle models and the project engineering management approaches to software systems development.

Software Engineering for Sustainability

Research on innovating approaches to support purposeful delivery of sustainability benefits through software engineering.


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