A novel architectural framework that was introduced by SERG (Rana Yousef and Mohammed Odeh) and that is generic, extensible, BPA-driven, ontology-based and domain independent. It uses a simple and automatic service identification approach that adheres to SOA principles.

BPAOntoSOA is structured into two main layers.

The first layer is concerned with generating a business process architecture ontology, namely the BPAOnt, for a particular organisation given the Riva-based business process architecture of that organisation and the set of associated business process models.

The second layer is concerned with identifying the software services using the generated BPAOnt for that organisation. In order to realise this framework, we developed the abstract BPAOnt to provide a conceptual representation of Riva BPA elements and the associated BPM elements.

We have also proposed a novel service identification approach based on the Riva BPA and utilised its simplicity to identify services in a simple and straightforward manner while satisfying SOA principles.

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