MSc Software Engineering dissertations

MSc Software Engineering dissertations supervised and co-supervised by members of the Software Engineering Research Group.

Date Title Student Supervisor
2012 -2013 Patient Medication Administration-based Mobile Application Onyekachi Akujua Dr Stewart Green
2012 -2013 Pass it Forward! – Putting Users in Control of Advertising Joe Chillcott Dr Stewart Green
2012 -2013 A Gesture Recognition System for Mission Critical Helicopter Displays Mark Holton Dr Stewart Green
2012 -2013 Towards a Unified Interface for Interchangeable Heterogeneous Relational Databases Lyle Hopkins Dr Toby O'Hara
2012 -2013 An Investigation of Data Mining Purchase Patterns for a Teleconferencing Company Shahin Mohavedi Dr Chris Simons
2012 -2013 Companion Applications

For Hearing Impaired Persons

On Mobile Smart Phones

Oluwaseyi Olusanya Frank Maddix
2012 -2013 Feasibility of BPM-Driven CMS Framework using BPMN Paul Phelps Dr Mohammed Odeh
2012 -2013 Reverse Engineering OntoREM Metamodels to Generate OntoREM Process and Domain Ontology Mind Maps Rami Zayed Dr Mohammed Odeh
2012 -2013 Porting Robot Operating System (ROS) to an ARM Development Board Ute Gahlstorf Craig Duffy
2012 -2013 A Framework to Support Holistic Data capture with Multi-Modal Human Computer Interaction Nicholas Kift Dr Jim Smith
2012 -2013 Use of Artificial Intelligence in Online Testing Stuart Mitchell Dr Jim Smith
2012 -2013 Enabling Multimodal Interaction within a Web-Based Library System Simulation Philip Gregory Dr Praminda Caleb-Solly
2011 -2012 Using Automatic Code Generation Software Tools for Safety-Critical Airborne Software Mark Anderton Andrew Gillies
2011 -2012 A Context Aware Probabilistic Approach to Context-Aware Software Testing Tatiana Maslova Dr Chris Simons
2011 -2012 A Web-Based Content Management System for the Automotive Industry Ana Luisa Resende Pereira da Silva Dr Mohammed Odeh
2011 -2012 Dynamic Linking to Web Services in the Context of a Local Area network (LAN) Kazeem Oyebode Dr Stewart Green
2011 -2012 Developing a Service-Oriented Application with Semantic Services Identification Framework BPAONTOSOA Stefan Dawir Dr Mohammed Odeh

2011 -2012

Developing an Adaptive Learning Environment for Introductory Object-Orientation Study Jing Wei Wang Dr Stewart Green
2011 -2012 Improving Effectiveness of Email Communication in Project Management Fazli Ersoz Andrew Gilles
2011 -2012 Data Integration in Heterogeneous Databases Richard Skipworth Tony Solomonides
2011 -2012 A Business Process Driven Approach for Developing Part of the Support Solution for an In-Service Software System Sabrina Patten Dr Mohammed Odeh
2011 -2012 Riva Process Architecture Graphical Editor Duc Luu Dr Stewart Green
2011 -2012 Developing an Ontology-Driven Requirements Analysis Tool (ONTO-RAT): A Use Case- Driven Approach Younes Al-Hroub Dr Mohammed Odeh
2011 -2012 A Process Support System for Journal Production processes Matin Mavaddat Dr Jin Sa

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