About the Software Engineering Research Group

The mission of the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) is to bridge the gap between research and development in the field of software engineering and its application to other disciplines.

Since its inception in 2005, SERG has been actively engaged in applied software engineering research with particularly deep interest in innovating new approaches, paradigms, and techniques to bridge the gap between the problem domain and the systems world using knowledge-driven and semi-formal approaches.

Our research

To date, the total funding generated by SERG is in excess of £1.05M as the sum of KTPs and research/taught programme recruitment. SERG has key research chapters led by three senior staff and one research fellow.

The main areas of research in SERG include semantic and service-oriented software engineering, bridging the gap between business processes and systems, developing practical and cost-effective approaches to requirements engineering, search-based software engineering, software architecture modelling and specification, software cost estimation, derivation and impact analysis of non-functional requirements, linking non-functional requirements to process and system models, and engineering the development of service-oriented and knowledge based systems.


In addition to its main research activities, SERG continues to play a crucial role in the support of other research groups and centres such as the Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems (CCCS) including the elicitation and understanding of the requirements of complex, multidisciplinary, and ubiquitous systems; modelling of their requirements through process and system models, and engineering the development of such systems.

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