Engineering Modelling and Simulation research themes

Within the Engineering Modelling and Simulation (EMS) research group, we focus on three interconnected research themes

Flow, structure, heat transfer and energy

Fluid simulation and modellingRepresented by Professor Yufeng Yao.

Studying the complex physical problems in engineering systems such as aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, structure and materials, thermodynamics and heat transfer and energy environment by means of computational approaches, particularly using 'Modelling and Simulation' techniques based on HPC facilities both in-house and external source.

Electrical system control and optimisationElectrical System Control and Optimization diagram

Represented by Professor Quan Zhu.

Focussing on providing generic methodologies and ad hoc algorithms in modelling and control of electrical and other engineering systems.

Engineering and organisational operation process modelling

Represented by Dr Alistair Clark.

Process modellingFocussing on the modelling, simulation and optimisation of not just engineering processes per se but also the operations of other processes in organisations, such as supply chains, manufacturing flows and assignment of key resources, including skilled personnel. It fosters interdisciplinary collaborations that enable the application of the Centre’s engineering and mathematical expertise to areas beyond the usual boundaries of engineering, for example, in healthcare and humanitarian supply chains.

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