Engineering Modelling and Simulation group members

Mayo Adetoro

Lecturer in Computational Solid and Fluid Mechanics; with expertise in analytical and numerical modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes, structures, multiphase flows and delay-differential equations, periodic systems, and bifurcation theory.

Ramin Amali

Programme Leader in Mechanical Engineering with expertise in stress analysis, finite element analysis, machine design and computational methods.

Rui Cardoso

Senior Lecturer in Structure specialised in developing novel finite element analysis (FEA) code and specially tailored routines for engineering structure analysis.

Alistair Clark

Reader in Operational Research with expertise in mathematical modelling of logistics processes, rescheduling, manpower rostering.

Benjamin Drew

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Motorsport Engineering, with expertise in dynamics and control systems and its applications in vehicle system dynamics and simulation.

Pritesh Narayan

Lecturer in Flight Control with research interests in Autonomous Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) planning and decision making, aircraft guidance, navigation and control (GNC), expert systems.

Martin Serpell

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science specialised in applying Mathematical Modelling and Artificial Intelligence techniques to solving problems in Statistical Disclosure Control and Nurse Re-scheduling.

Chris Toomer

Cluster Leader in Aerospace Engineering, with research interests in modelling cardiovascular system, wind turbines, bridge instabilities and hypersonic aerothermodynamics.

Rohitha Weerasinghe

Senior Lecturer in Thermofluids with expertise in computational fluid dynamics, sustainable building physics, renewable energy techniques.

Yufeng Yao

Professor in Aerospace Engineering specialised in modelling and simulation of complex flow problems using computational fluid dynamics technique on HPC platforms.

Quan Zhu

Professor in Control Systems, with extensive research experiences in the field of nonlinear system modelling, identification, and control, and electro-acupuncture instrumentation.

Vadim Zverovich

Senior Lecturer in Operational Research with research interests in Graph Theory and its applications, Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, combinatorial optimisation, transport networks.

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