Research projects at CFCR

Shrewsbury flooding

Current projects

Adaptation of urban infrastructure to enhance climate resilience in Nigeria

This project explores the potential to adopt sustainable water and drainage concepts in Nigerian urban systems and infrastructure to reduce future flood risk and water shortage through understanding of the vulnerability and resilience of communities at risk.

An international evaluation of the role of Chartered Surveyors in providing professional flood risk advice on commercial property

Delivering green infrastructure in cities through a new business model.

Children's role in flood preparedness and resilience

Children play a key, but under-researched role in flood risk management. This research project investigates flood education initiatives with young people.

Reducing floodwater ingress rates of buildings

This study provides experimental insights of replicated and repeated field tests that compare floodwater ingress rates through masonry walls of domestic buildings.

Towards hydrocitizenship

This project will address multiple interrelated water issues in a range of settings centred around community and governance practices in the contexts of local cultures, economies and climate change. We will interrogate a series of questions about communities, citizenship, rights and conflict, and consider how social and environmental challenges can be addressed through synergistic, innovative, multidisciplinary and multi-agency working.

Flood Repairable

Identifying barriers and proposing solutions to promote low cost flood approaches that would make properties at flood risk more resilient to damage from flood waters.

Flood MEMORY: Multi-Event Modelling of Risk and Recovery

Identifying critical vulnerabilities, better allocate resources for protection and recovery and improve flood resilience.

Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits

Developing new strategies for managing urban flood risk as part of wider, integrated urban planning.

Retrofit of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) in CBD for improved flood mitigation, RICS Education Trust project

Examining the potential for mitigation of pluvial flooding in Business Districts through retrofitting of SUDS.

Sustainable Flood Memories and the Development of Community Resilience to Future Flood Risk: a comparative study of three recently flooded communities

Investigating the extent to which local communities who have a history of past extreme flooding events are better equipped practically and psychologically to cope during and after new flood events, and with the risk of future flood events.

Multi-story water

The 'Living Flood Histories' network has explored how situated flood narrative and memorialisation practices can bring new insights in how to engage public groups, at changing flood risk.

Organisational Operational Response and Strategic Decision Making for Long Term Flood Preparedness in Urban Areas (SESAME)

This project aims to develop tools that encourage businesses to discover ways of becoming more resilient to floods and to appreciate how adaptation can help protect them from ongoing flood risk.

Sustainable Flood Memory - Trialling Digital Storytelling as a form of Adaptive Learning and Knowledge Exchange for Resilience in 'At Risk Communities'

This project is an additional part of the ESRC Flood Memories project, working with various communities and councils to identify short narratives or stories that reflect on different aspects of 'preparedness for flood risk' and building resilience.

Co-creating Railway Flood Resilience: Applying the Science of Blue-Green-Grey Infrastructure

The project is focused on demonstrating an approach for identifying opportunities to increase transport network resilience through catchment source control.

DRY - Drought Risk and You

This project aims to develop an easy to use, evidence-based resource or utility, which can be used in decision-making in drought risk management.

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