Distributional impacts of road pricing

Project details

Full project title: Rapid evidence assessment: distributional impacts of road pricing

Sponsors: Department for Transport

Project Manager: Professor Graham Parkhurst

Principal researcher: Dr Geoff Dudley

Other CTS members: Professor Glenn Lyons, Dr Kiron Chatterjee, Dr Erel Avineri and David Holley

Start date: December 2005

Finish date: August 2006

Project briefing sheet: Download the briefing sheet document

Project summary

At the end of 2005, Department for Transport commissioned a Rapid Evidence Assessment of the Distributional Impacts of Road Pricing, to focus on actual evidence (e.g. revealed preference behaviour) relating to implemented or near-implemented road pricing schemes (e.g. London and Edinburgh respectively). To this end, the review sought evidence relating to various types of social group (defined by age, gender, socio-economic indicators, transport mode usage, etc.). Around 100 relevant items within this tight definition were identified and reviewed using REA procedures. A report based on the findings was submitted to the DfT in Summer 2006.

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