Rural ageing and mobility

Project details

Full project title: The development of an interdisciplinary rural ageing research agenda using the OPeRA (Older People in Rural Areas) Network

Sponsor: Economic and Social Research Council

CTS Investigator: Professor Graham Parkhurst

CTS participator: Dr Charles Musselwhite

Start date: December 2006

Finish date: December 2007

Project summary

Graham Parkhurst was one of six southwest academics awarded a New Dynamics of Ageing Programme seedcorn grant to develop a preparatory network on the topic of the ageing population and rural areas. The network brings together researchers from health and social care, social work and primary care, and built environment faculties of the universities of Plymouth, Bournemouth and West of England.

The Centre for Transport and Society involvement will develop the theme 'travelling through the rural life course' considering the future mobility needs and patterns of older people in rural communities, and their potential to make a contribution to more sustainable mobility.

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