Selected conference presentations, dissertations and theses from CTS

Downloadable documents produced by CTS members including conference papers, online presentations, dissertations and PhD theses.

Conference papers

Centre for Transport and Society Winter Conference, December 2016

Topics ranged from autonomous vehicles, to the influence of urban environments on walking, to an opening up rail travel to disadvantaged communities.

Urban Development Around Transport Hubs, April 2016

Centre for Transport and Society Winter Conference, December 2013

Centre for Transport and Society Winter Conference, December 2012

British Sociological Association 60th Annual Conference, April 2011

UTSG 43rd Annual Conference, January 2011

Online presentations

Parkhurst, G. (2011). Between Public and Private Transport: Collective Mobility Solutions as the Key to Increasing Sustainability. Public Lecture by Prof. Graham Parkhurst, UWE, 12 October (YouTube, 0:49:56).

Hamilton-Baillie, B. and Melia, S. (2012). Sharing or separation: Which way for streets of the future? A debate with Ben Hamilton-Baillie and Steve Melia and chaired by Prof Graham Parkhurst (Youtube, 1:31:33).

Goodwin, P. (2011). Value for money in a changing economy. Plenary address at the 43rd Universities' Transport Study Group Annual Conference, 5-7 January, Milton Keynes (Webcast, 49 minutes).

Jain, J (2011). Watching, talking, writing diaries and counting: Technologies and travel. Manchester University (Slides and Audio recording).

Melia, S. (2010). The paradox of intensification. CTS Winter Conference (Youtube, 13.47 minutes).


Dalton, A. (2010). Cycling circles: Gender perspectives and social influence in UK cycling. University of the West of England: Bristol

Andrews, G. (2008). To what extent can culture limit the effective sharing of transport best practice in the field of air quality? 

Hart, J. (2008). Driven to excess: Impacts of motor vehicle traffic on residential quality of life in Bristol, UK.

Watts, B. (2006). Is the Severn Beach Rail Service an accessible and valued component of the public transport system in Bristol?

Dalton, A. (2005). Welcome to the cheap seats: Air travel and climate change. University of the West of England: Bristol

PhD thesis

Andrews, G. (2012). Just the ticket? Exploring the contribution of free bus fares policy to quality of later life.

Bartle, C. (2011). Spreading the word: A social-psychological exploration of word-of-mouth traveller information in the digital age.

Sherwin, H. (2010). Bike-rail integration as one sustainable transport solution to reduce car dependence.

Lamont, D. (2008). Understanding and addressing dyslexia in travel information provision.

Line, T. (2008). The attitudes of young people towards transport in the context of climate change.

Stanbridge, K. (2007). Residential relocation and travel behaviour change.

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