Centre for Transport and Society news and events 2016

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Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) annual winter conference

On 12 December 2016 the conference featured ten presentations from CTS researchers on varied aspects of the Centre’s research.

London's road congestion: be careful what you wish for

Dr Steve Melia, Senior Lecturer in Transport and Planning at UWE Bristol, gave evidence on 10 October 2016 to a committee which was investigating the causes and possible solutions to road congestion in London. Dr Melia submitted a written response to a call for evidence published in July and was invited onto a panel of experts at the London Assembly Transport Committee on Tuesday 11 October 2016.

Urban Development Around Transport Hubs conference presentations

The presentations at our conference on Urban Development Around Transport Hubs on 27 April 2016 are available to download from Landor, who co-organised the event.

Vulnerable Road Users, Urban Design and Shared Space

The journal Urban Design and Planning (from the Institute of Civil Engineers) published a special edition, co-edited by Dr Steve Melia, on disabilities and vulnerable road users in June 2016. The special edition of the journal focused on the challenges of designing urban environments and transport infrastructure for people with a range of disabilities. Steve collaborated with Dr Sarah Norgate of Salford University to bring together articles from specialists in the field; both wrote about the problems created by shared space for vulnerable road users, one of the themes addressed in the special edition.

CTS awarded Department for Transport project to explain young people’s reduced car use

CTS was successfully awarded a project to review evidence on the causes of the decline in car driving of young adults in Great Britain. The project led by Kiron Chatterjee, and involving a team from the CTS and the Transport Studies Unit (Oxford University), investigated the topic by conducting a systematic review of literature and secondary analysis of existing data sets.

Universities Transport Studies Group annual conference

The CTS co-hosted a successful Universities Transport Studies Group conference at the beginning of January 2016 in Bristol. The conference was attended by 85 delegates and 70 papers were presented covering the breadth of current transport research in the UK. CTS also made a significant contribution with 12 papers presented by staff and PhD students.

Cochrane review article on cycling and injuries in top 5% of all research outputs

The paper 'Cycling infrastructure for reducing cycling injuries in cyclists' co-authored by Professor John Parkin of the CTS, was reported by Altmetric as being in the top 5% of all research outputs of the same age. The paper described a Cochrane systematic review of the evidence in relation to cycling infrastructure and its impact on cycling injuries. There was no evidence that cycle lanes reduce the rate of cycle collisions and there was no difference in collisions for cyclists using cycle routes and networks compared with cyclists not using cycle routes and networks.

From data presented narratively, the use of 20 mph speed restrictions in urban areas may be effective at reducing cyclist collisions. Redesigning specific parts of cycle routes that may be particularly busy or complex in terms of traffic movement may be beneficial to cyclists in terms of reducing the risk of collision. The quality of the evidence was very low and there is uncertainty about the results. The paper was translated into German and Croatian and received attention in Brazil.

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