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News from 2013

December 2013 - CTS Winter Conference

The Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) held a one-day winter conference on 16 December 2013 to celebrate 10 years of research and teaching.

More than 40 delegates attended the day which comprised of presentations from across our portfolio of current research under the themes of:

  • Transport and the life course
  • Travel and employment
  • Changing travel behaviour
  • The journey experience

For more information please see the event programme or download the presentation slides

November 2013 - CTS appoints John Parkin as new Professor of Transport Engineering

Professor John Parkin joined CTS in the new academic year as Professor of Transport Engineering. John’s role is to provide academic leadership at the interface between transport engineering and CTS’s established niche of applying social and behavioural sciences to mobility problems. This appointment followed a strategic review of the research and teaching strategy in 2012-13.

In the teaching domain, John is the Programme Leader for UWE’s newly revised MSc Transport, which incorporates two pathways, one in Transport Planning and the other in Transport Engineering and Planning. John will also contribute to the development of transport pathways in civil engineering degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and this will be done with colleagues from the Civil Engineering Cluster in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management. These initiatives will offer students a unique blend of state-of-the-art transport engineering and planning techniques infused with the Centre’s research expertise in the two-way relationships between transport behaviour and transport infrastructure provision and management.

As well as covering the full range of traditional civil engineering practice, John also brings an interesting research portfolio of internationally-leading scholarship in respect of design and management for active travel, in particular cycling. He will offer research leadership capacity particularly in respect of CTS’s established research themes on the promotion of low carbon active travel, the evaluation of sustainable mobility initiatives and understanding travel behaviour.

July 2013 - Congratulations to CTS member Billy Clayton

The Awards Ceremonies of the Faculty of Environment and Technology took place in Bristol Cathedral on 15 July. Dr Billy Clayton from the Centre for Transport and Society was among the postgraduates taking part. A synopsis of Billy’s PhD follows:

Bus tales: travel-time use, technologies and journey experiences on the bus

Encouraging people to make greater use of local buses instead of their cars is recognised as important in attending to pressing environmental and social issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and community degradation. This research looked at the ways in which people spend their time during bus journeys, and whether this time is of value to them – with the aim of finding useful ways to market public transport as an attractive alternative to the car.

The bus is a place in which passengers spend a significant chunk of their daily lives (sometimes an hour or more a day). The bus is fundamentally different to the car as the passenger isn’t preoccupied with controlling the vehicle, and is therefore freer to do a range of different activities during their journeys – potentially giving the bus a ‘unique selling point’. The recent advent of mobile technologies such as smartphones has created even greater opportunity for activity on-the-move.

This research found that the bus is a very active place. Passengers spend time reading, texting, chatting, listening to music, emailing, web browsing, social networking, or simply daydreaming or snoozing. The journey is often valued as a rare piece of personal time between work and home life – time in which to relax, socialise, or catch up on personal tasks. These findings have made a novel contribution to transport theory, and are important for informing the ways in which policymakers and the bus industry market services to the public, and for helping to encourage greater patronage.

Billy Clayton PhD graduation

Pictured, from left to right are, Professor Graham Parkhurst (CTS Director), Dr Billy Clayton (who was awarded with a PhD), and Dr Juliet Jain (Senior Research Fellow).

July 2013 - Masters dissertation showcase, Thursday 11 July

We would be delighted to have your company at this annual event co-hosted with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport featuring presentations of dissertation research by graduates of the MSc in Transport Planning, plus a presentation from controversial transport commentator John Dales.

Registration details and the programme are available to download

June 2013 - CTS welcomes PhD visiting student Gianni Rondinella from Politécnica University of Madrid

Gianni Rondinella is currently visiting CTS from the Transport Research Centre (TRANSyT) at Politécnica University of Madrid, Spain in order to improve his analytical skills in connection with preparing his PhD thesis. Gianni is focusing his research on the deliberation processes concerning the choice of cycling as a mode of transport and is visiting CTS to learn more about the use of Life Course Perspective and the Ecological Model methods to analyse the formation process of experience of transport modes. CTS member Dr Kiron Chatterjee, Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour, is an international expert on these issues, and will be providing academic mentoring. The visit will continue until the end of September 2013 when Gianni will return to Madrid to finish the write-up of his thesis and subsequent defence.

January 2013 - CTS makes strong contribution to annual Universities' Transport Study Group Conference

Sixteen colleagues from UWE were amongst approximately 120 delegates from the main UK university research groups engaged with transport studies attending the 45th annual conference, held this year from 2-4 January at St Anne's College Oxford. Twelve of the 80 papers presented included CTS authors, and two of these were amongst the five plenary papers.

The CTS papers were previewed at our Winter Conference held on 10 December 2012. The presentations are available to download.

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