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November 2012 - CTS awarded new ESRC project on 'Life Transitions and Travel Behaviour'

CTS has been successful in being awarded an 18-month project on Life Transitions and Travel Behaviour from the ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative. The project led by Kiron Chatterjee will be finding out about how people in the UK change their travel behaviours over the course of their lives with special attention to major life events such as starting a job, moving home and having children. The project will use data from the Understanding Society survey and the British Household Panel Survey. Understanding people’s travel routines and how they change is important to help governments around the world plan effective transport systems and policies. The Institute for Social & Economic Research at the University of Essex and Department for Transport are project partners.

November 2012 - CTS welcomes visiting student Daniela Paddeu from University of Cagliari

Daniela Paddeu is currently visiting CTS from University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy in order to undertake a placement study in connection with preparing her MSc Engineering dissertation. Daniela is specialising in city logistics and is visiting CTS to learn more about the operation of schemes such as urban freight consolidation centres (FCC). CTS members Dr Miriam Ricci and Prof Graham Parkhurst have been undertaking an evaluation of the Bristol and Bath joint FCC in connection with the Civitas Renaissance project and have been able to share evidence and experience from the project and the wider European context. The visit will continue until March 2012 when Daniela will return to Cagliari to take her degree in Transport Engineering.

October 2012 - Prof Graham Parkhurst delivers public lecture at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India

Between 14-28 October 2012, Graham Parkhurst undertook an academic visit to CEPT University to develop collaborations in student/staff exchanges and research. On Wednesday 17 October he delivered a public lecture titled 'Collective Solutions for Lower Carbon Mobility: a European Perspective'. The lecture began by considering that the European Union member states have made modest progress towards climate change reduction in the last decade. However, it was noted that transport and mobility remains the one economic sector which runs counter to this trend, and therefore is consuming part of the savings achieved in other sectors. The main body of the lecture then considered two partially conflicting strategies for significant change in the transport sector: technological solutions on one hand and behaviour change on the other. Graham argued that these two approaches are inadequate, because they are over-focussed on traditional private and public transport solutions. Instead, in conclusion, a vision for a more 'collective mobility' was outlined, using information-communications technology to create more economically and carbon-efficient sharing of transport assets. The lecture slides are available to download.

July 2012 - Congratulations to CTS Staff awarded postgraduate degrees

The Awards Ceremonies of the Faculty of Environment and Technology took place in Bristol Cathedral at July 24. Among the postgraduates were several staff from the Centre for Transport and Society. Pictured, from left to right, are Professor Graham Parkhurst (CTS Director), Dr Ben Clark (who was awarded with a PhD), Dr Caroline Bartle (awarded with a PhD), Ian Shergold (awarded with Applied Social Research Masters), and Dr Erel Avineri (Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour).


Also graduated recently, but not pictured above, are Dr Geoff Andrews who was awarded with a PhD, and Heather Jones who completed Applied Social Research Masters earlier this year.

July 2012 - Dr Erel Avineri delivers keynote address at MobiSys Workshop and invited presentation at the Modelling World Conference

Dr Erel Avineri, an Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour, delivered the keynote address at the Workshop on Next Generation Mobile Computing for Dynamic Personalised Travel Planning, The 10th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (MOBISYS 2012) that took place on 29 June in the Lake District, UK. He has also delivered an invited presentation at the Modelling World 2012 Conference held on 11-12 July 2012 in London. The presentations focused on findings emerging from recent research on the use of behavioural economics in travel demand modelling and design of behaviour change measures.

June 2012 - Just the Ticket? Report on the Benefits of England's Concessionary Travel

A recent report commissioned by AGE UK and written by Dr Geoff Andrews of the Centre for Transport and Society reveals new insights into the contribution of England’s Concessionary Fares policy, which provides free bus travel to older people, to quality of later life. Dr Andrews explains “The basic argument is that the policy provides quality of life benefits above and beyond simply the opportunity to increase trip frequency, and that these wider benefits are currently poorly taken into account by those evaluating the policy. For instance, the potential to travel, even when travel is not actually undertaken is a significant contributor to many older people’s quality of life”.

The report provides robust evidence on the social benefits of the policy, for instance its role in encouraging the self-prevention of isolation in later life, facilitating older people’s participation in society and allowing pass holders to justify trips that they would otherwise not make even in cases where they could afford them, but which disproportionately influence their quality of life. The report concludes that these benefits play a significant role in maintaining quality of life in older age.

The report is available to download from the Age UK website. Dr Andrews has recently completed a thesis on the issue of Concessionary Travel and has particular research interests in ageing and mobility.

May 2012 - Sharing or Separation: Which Way for Streets of the Future?

A debate with Ben Hamilton-Baillie and Steve Melia and chaired by Professor Graham Parkhurst on 22 May. The debate began with short presentations from Steve and Ben and then opened up to contributions from the audience. This debate will be of particular interest to transport planners, spatial planners, urban designers and anyone interested in the future of our streets and our towns and cities. A video of the debate is available to view.

May 2012 - Open data: Opportunities for research and enterprise

On 21 May CTS are hosting a knowledge exchange workshop with ITO World Ltd to explore opportunities for research and enterprise arising from the open data agenda. Further details are available on the workshop flyer.

May 2012 - CTS seminar - Dr Tim Schwanen

Dr Tim Schwanen, University of Oxford, is delivering a lunchtime seminar on 21 May 2012 on the topic of 'Rethinking habits and their role in behaviour change: The case of low-carbon mobility'. Further details available on the seminar flyer. This is an internal event by invite only.

April 2012 - Congratulations to Dr Caroline Bartle

Congratulations to Dr Caroline Bartle who has recently been awarded the degree of PhD for a thesis entitled 'Spreading the word: A social-psychological exploration of word-of-mouth traveller information in the digital age'. Dr Bartle was supervised by Dr Erel Avineri and Dr Kiron Chatterjee.

March 2012 - CTS Seminar - Professor John Urry

Professor John Urry, Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University, delivered a seminar on 20 March 2012 on the topic of 'Oil, mobilities and the American suburbs'.

March 2012 - CILT(UK) 6th Annual South West Lectures

On the 9 March Peter Hendy, CBE FCILT, Commissioner, Transport for London and President CILT(UK) will present a lecture on 'Transport for the Olympics - and the legacy benefit'. Graham Dalton, Chief Executive, The Highways Agency, will present a paper 'Operating a busy road network whilst achieving value for money'. Annual South West event flyer available. Attendance is free - to book a place please e-mail Julie Triggle or register via the CILT website.

February 2012 - A Future Beyond the Car? Special Edition of World Transport Policy and Practice

A special edition of the Journal World Transport Policy and Practice has recently been published, around the open question: ‘A Future Beyond the Car?’, edited by Steve Melia, Senior Lecturer at CTS. Steve’s research interests include carfree development, a theme developed by two of the other contributors. The edition also includes an article by CTS Emeritus Professor Phil Goodwin on the question of ‘peak car’. This article asks whether car use in developed countries has reached its peak, and explores the policy implications of uncertainty around this question.


  1. A Future Beyond the Car? Steve Melia
  2. Three Views on Peak Car - Phil Goodwin
  3. The Implications of Climate Change for the Future of the Car - Mayer Hillman
  4. Jan Gehl and New Visions for Walkable Australian Cities - Anne Matan and Peter Newman
  5. The Future of Carfree Development in York, UK - Randall Ghent
  6. The Delivery of Freight in Carfree Cities - Joel Crawford

WTPP is an open source journal and Edition 17.4 is available to download.

January 2012 - Presentations from CATCH final conference available online

The CATCH project held its final conference “Carbon Aware Cities” on 13 December 2011 in the University of West of England in Bristol, UK. The final conference presented research from the project, and presented the CATCH knowledge platform in the context of a variety of co-benefits that a low carbon transport will bring to health, safety, the economy and to planning. It was demonstrated how the CATCH knowledge platform links to these different areas by providing information and improving communication between the general public and transport professionals. Presentations from experts from different fields detailed the wider benefits of a low carbon transport future.

Presentations from CATCH Final Conference are available to dowload from the Carbon Aware website.

For more information about the project, please contact Dr Erel Avineri.

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