Nudging travel behaviour

Dr Erel Avineri receives growing interest in his views on nudging travel behaviour

In his research, Dr Erel Avineri revisits some of the behavioural assumptions of travel behaviour. Using models from behavioural economics and cognitive psychology, Erel is exploring what influences our boundedly rational travel behaviour, and how insights from behavioural sciences can be incorporated into the design of demand management measures to change travel behaviour.

He suggests the use of 'nudges' to help individuals to overcome cognitive biases, and to highlight the better choices for them - without restricting travellers' freedom of choice.

His views are attracting growing interest:

  • He was recently invited to submit an item on 'Loss Aversion on the Road' to Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein's 'Nudge' blog.
  • In a recent article 'The Choice Challenge' (published in Science and Technology Review) Erel advocates 'nudging' travel behaviour through the design of travel information systems.
  • He will deliver the Keynote Address ("Information provision - How can we nudge travel behaviour change?") at the ITS'09 Conference

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