People at the Centre for Transport and Society


Professor Graham Parkhurst – Director, Professor of Sustainable Mobility
Dr Caroline Bartle – Research Fellow
Dr Tom Calvert - Research Associate
Dr Kiron Chatterjee – Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour
Dr Ben Clark – Research Fellow
Dr Billy Clayton – Research Fellow
Fiona Crawford - Research Fellow
Dr Juliet Jain – Senior Research Fellow
Professor Glenn LyonsMott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility
Dr Steve Melia – Senior Lecturer in Transport and Planning
Dr Daniela Paddeu - Research Fellow
Professor John Parkin – Professor of Transport Engineering
Dr Miriam Ricci – Senior Research Fellow
Ian Shergold – Research Fellow
Steve Ward – Senior Research Fellow

PhD Researchers

Jason Snelling
Jonathan Flower
Md Easir Arafat

Thamir Alqatrani

Emeritus Professor

Professor Phil Goodwin – Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy

Visiting Staff

Dr Helen Bowkett – Visiting Professor
Dr Adrian Davis – Visiting Professor (joint with Bristol Social Marketing Centre)
Dr Geoff Dudley – Visiting Research Fellow
Peter Miller – Visiting Research Fellow
Jon Parker – Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Henrietta Sherwin - Visiting Research Fellow

Collaborating staff

A number of other staff in the Faculty and across the University also have an interest in transport and mobility studies and engage with CTS in research collaborations.

Dr Chris Alford
Dr Jo Barnes
Dr Anna Bornioli
Dr Tim Chatterton
Dr Tilly Line
Dr Fiona Spotswood
Dr Phil Morgan
Prof Anthony Pipe
Dr David Williams


Dr Heather Jones (2010–2016)
Dr Anja Dalton (2009–2016)
Dr Hannah Delaney (2012–2015)
Dr Rutul Joshi (2010–2015)
Geraldine Fulcher (2012–2014)
Dr Eran Ben-Elia (2010–2013)
Dr Charles Musselwhite (2006–2013)
Dr Erel Avineri (2004–2012)
Amy-Louise Webber (2010–2012)
Dr Geoff Andrews (2008-2012)
Christa Hubers (2009–2012)
Dr E. Owen D. Waygood (2009–2012)
Dr Yusak Susilo (2007–2011)
Dr Alexandros Nikitas (2006–2010)
Peter Wiltshire (2003–2010)
Hebba Haddad (2006–2009)
Dr Sendy Farag (2006–2009)
Dr Sally Everett (2008)
David Holley (2004–2008)
Dr Deborah Lamont (2003–2008)
Mhairi Campbell (2004–2008)
Dr Yos Sunitiyoso (2004–2007)
Dr Karen Stanbridge (2002–2007)
Dr Laura Watts (2006–2007)
Dr Kang-Rae Ma (2004–2006)
Dr Susan Kenyon (2002–2006)
Dr Tim Jones (2004–2005)

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