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December 2011 - UWE to host Carbon Aware Cities: CATCH Final Conference

The CATCH project is holding its final conference on 13 December 2011 in the University of West of England in Bristol, UK. This EU FP7 project conducted ground-breaking research into how information about climate change and transport should be communicated, and has developed an online knowledge platform designed to facilitate an holistic view of transport in order to better communicate the need for low carbon transport systems, and plan for the low carbon transport future.

The final conference will present research from the project, and present the CATCH knowledge platform in the context of a variety of co-benefits that a low carbon transport will bring to health, safety, the economy and to planning. It will be demonstrated how the CATCH knowledge platform links to these different areas by providing information and improving communication between the general public and transport professionals. Presentations from experts from different fields will also detail the wider benefits of a low carbon transport future.

Visit the conference web page, including registration and view the draft programme.

December 2011 - CTS Winter Conference

The Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) is holding a one-day conference on Thursday 8 December at the Exhibition and Conference Centre, UWE Bristol, to showcase a selection of the research currently being undertaken within the Centre. The event is open to all and free to attend. To book a place please e-mail Julie Triggle.

Conference programme available to download.

November 2011 - CTS contributed to the recently published Department for Transport (DfT) Behavioural Insights toolkit

DfT has recently published a Behavioural Insights toolkit to support the design and development of effective transport initiatives. “Behavioural insights are an important component of the Department for Transport’s vision for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth but one that is also greener and safer and improves quality of life in our communities. The Behavioural Insights toolkit provides a readily digestible and user-friendly guide to those responsible for transport policy and delivery initiatives, both within the Department and externally. The toolkit shows how behavioural insights can be applied in the transport context to achieve policy objectives.”

The CTS team was involved at two research pieces that directly contributed to this toolkit: they were invited by DfT to lead a think tank team of ten research leaders in transport, public health and energy consumption, comparing evidence on behaviour change in different sectors and providing expert views to DfT. The Think Piece, “Individual Behaviour Change: Evidence in Transport and Public Health” informed DfT in the development of the Guidance on the Application Process to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the early version of the toolkit. At 2011 Dr Erel Avineri was invited by DfT to provide an expert review of the toolkit, and provided inputs that improved its content and helped in shaping the toolkit.

November 2011 - CTS selected to carry out exciting new research into the health and well-being benefits of Community Transport services in Norfolk

A multi-disciplinary research team from CTS and the Department of Health and Applied Social Sciences here at UWE has been selected by Norfolk County Council (NCC) to carry out innovative new research on the benefits of Community Transport. The project will look to explicitly quantify the benefits in health and well-being for users of a selection of such schemes in Norfolk, helping NCC and the Health Service to better understand those benefits. The research team will bring together skills in understanding transport behaviours as well as health economics and social benefit analysis, and the project will look to provide evidence using a bespoke, light-touch ‘Social Return on Investment’ (SROI) approach.

The research is very timely, as the importance of community-based transport has risen significantly following recent well-publicised reductions in local authority funding of public transport (particularly in rural areas like Norfolk). Although community transport has long been understood to be important, often providing ‘essential’ mobility services for those least able to find that mobility elsewhere, it is now highly topical. With the transport minister Norman Baker announcing new funding for community transport from the government in March this year, aimed at ‘kick starting’ such services in rural England. As a contribution to this renewed interest, it is expected that the outputs of this research will contribute ‘quantifiable’ evidence on the health and well-being benefits of community transport, underpinning the importance of current policy in this area and justifying future investment in such schemes.

November 2011 - UWE Transport Planner advises legacy company on sustainable future for the Olympics site

A UWE academic has been invited to advise the Olympic Park Legacy Company on the sustainable development of the Olympic site when the games are over. Steve Melia, Senior Lecturer in Planning and Transport, was invited to join a panel of transport experts, asked for opinions on alternative plans for the site, and to suggest ideas of their own. The other four members of the panel included Professor Brian Collins, Chair of Engineering Policy at UCL, and three representatives of the transport industry. The panel joined a two-day ‘round table’ in London last week (which also considered other issues related to energy use). Its members were invited to maintain an ongoing relationship with the company, and may be invited to advise on more specific proposals in the future.

The plans for the Olympic Park include 11,000 flats and houses, a waterside park, several sporting facilities (although some will be dismantled) and employment areas.

Dr Steve Melia, a member of the Centre for Transport and Society in the Department of Planning and Architecture, was selected by the Legacy Company for his work on carfree development – the subject of his PhD. He commented:

“The Olympic Park represents a great opportunity to showcase how large developments can service their transport needs without relying on cars and trucks. The site is very well connected to public transport and has also been designed in a way which could potentially favour cycling and walking. The river which runs through it can be used for freight delivery. Listening to the evidence I was concerned at some alternatives focussing on expensive high-tech solutions at the expense of simpler and cheaper ways of achieving the same outcomes. The Legacy Company seemed quite receptive to this message. Much of my evidence concerned ‘filtered permeability’: basically, this means designing your roads and paths to give the most direct and convenient routes to cyclists and pedestrians, whilst cars and general traffic have to take a longer route. This can also preserve waterside park at the centre of the site as a people-friendly area for recreation and tourism when the games are over.”

October 2011 - CTS Seminar - Dr Giselle Xavier

Dr Giselle Xavier, State University of Santa Catarina- UDESC, Brazil/Oxford Brookes University Visiting Research Fellow, delivered a lunchtime seminar on 19 October 2011 on the topic of 'The Development and Cycling Inclusion in the Brazilian Urban Mobility Policy'. Presentation slides from the seminar are available to download:

October 2011 - UWE FET Public Lecture Series - Professor Graham Parkhurst, 'Between public and private transport: Collective mobility solutions as the key to increasing sustainability'

The current transport debate is centred around the car, electric or other fuels for the car, and conventional public transport with fixed routes and fixed timetables. This lecture will argue that none of these approaches are likely to address the situation we face today, of energy scarcity and limited public funding. A more realistic alternative is Collective Mobility, where public and private transport are combined with demand-response services such as car clubs, car pooling, bike hire, and taxibuses. The current approach, it will argue, is inadequate for addressing the full range of the ‘transport problem’ as it does not reflect the major barriers to deliverability, and is contradictory, as mass adoption of electric cars will reduce the attractiveness of public transport. Instead, the transport solutions necessary to maintain essential mobility in a context of energy scarcity and limited public investment will need to share public and private transport assets more efficiently and more comprehensively to provide a more flexible offer. It is concluded that Collective Mobility offers the potential to support rapid change towards greater efficiency without intensifying socioeconomic shock. Full event details are available.

August 2011 - Dr Yusak Susilo moves to KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

At the end of August 2011 Dr Yusak Susilo left CTS to join the prestigious Swedish University ‘KTH Royal Institute of Technology’. CTS colleagues will miss Yusak’s contributions to research, teaching, and PhD supervision but are of course pleased for Yusak on his career move. The research centre has benefited over the last six years from Yusak’s advanced quantitative skills in respect of modelling transport and land use interactions and statistical analysis. CTS PhD students in particular have noted the amount of time Yusak has found for them and the quality of his feedback. Yusak has also made a major contribution to CTS’s international profile, enhancing our links with the US Transportation Research Board community and with the Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with Yusak in the context of his new post.

August 2011 - Phil Goodwin confirmed as UWE Professor Emeritus

CTS is delighted that Phil Goodwin will continue his association with the research centre as Emeritus Professor from 1 August 2011. Phil joined CTS in January 2005 as Professor of Transport Policy following high profile leadership roles in academic transport studies at University College London (where he is also Emeritus Professor) and Oxford University and a period in practice as a transport planner with the Greater London Council. Phil’s academic contributions in recent years on the topics of transport scheme appraisal, smarter choices, attitudes to transport and transport policy evaluation are widely celebrated. Glenn Lyons and Graham Parkhurst, as CTS directors over the period, have also found his management experience invaluable during the development of the centre.

July 2011 - Gillian Smith awarded Honorary Degree at July 2011 Graduation Ceremony

On 26 July 2011 Gillian Smith was awarded Master of Science, honoris causa, at the Department of Planning and Architecture graduation ceremony held at Bristol Cathedral at 14:00. The award was made in recognition of Gillian’s significant contribution to the furtherance of the importance of social research within transport studies.

Gillian was presented to the Pro-Chancellor by Professor . Graham Parkhurst, who in his oration noted Gillian’s influence over the previous ten years in developing social research and evidence around the controversial policy idea of road user charging, in the sensitive context of a high profile media debate and a petition on the topic to the Prime Minister.

Moreover, earlier in her career Gillian was one of the architects of the Index of Multiple Deprivation, emphasising that Gillian’s wider career contribution aligns very well with our own research priorities, in particular, sustainable transport and planning, and health and well-being.

July 2011 - Dr Steve Melia, Guest Editor - World Transport Policy and Practice special edition: A future beyond the car?

This special edition is planned to be published early in 2012. The deadline for submission of articles will be 30 August 2011. A broad article by Guest Editor Steve Melia will set the scene for up to half a dozen articles. See the article summary for further details.

July 2011 - Masters Dissertation Showcase 2011

The presentations from our annual dissertation showcase event co-hosted with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport are available to download below.

Dissertation presentations:

Invited guest speaker:

July 2011 - Short course on Intelligent Transport Systems and Their Applications in EU Projects

EPN Consulting and the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK) have teamed up to launch a 1-day course on "Intelligent Transport Systems and Their Applications in EU Projects” that will be held at UWE on Friday 8 July 2011. The objective of this short course is to give a description of how European Projects and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have improved the transport sector in the last 20 years with an evolution from pure technology to sustainability. This includes a session on the European GALILEO satellites constellation as an opportunity of introducing added value services in Transport in the next decade. Special attention is paid to the importance of designing Advanced Travel Information Systems (ATIS) properly to stimulate behavioural changes. The second part of the course will describe the participation into projects co-funded by the European Commission (EC) seen also as a way of funding new initiatives that help introduce and consolidate Sustainability in Transport with a consequent improvement of the Environment protection and Quality of Life. Finally, description of EC projects structures and how to prepare a good proposal are discussed and followed by examples of key EC projects that have shaped the future of ITS in Europe. Please see our course summary document for more information.

June 2011 - UWE report published on 'Making the case for investment in the walking environment'

Kiron Chatterjee (CTS) along with UWE colleagues, Danni Sinnett and Katie Williams (Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments), and Nick Cavill (Cavill Associates) are the authors of a new report for Living Streets titled 'Making the Case for Investment in the Walking Environment'. It evaluates the health, economic, social and environmental benefits of investment in walking friendly public spaces. It draws on case studies of schemes which have resulted in safer and more attractive public places in neighbourhoods and city centres in the UK and elsewhere.

June 2011 - Symposium on travel time use, value and experience

This one day symposium builds on research over the last decade about the use of travel time and the passenger experience. It aims to provoke discussion and broaden understanding between disciplines in this developing field.

May 2011 - Dr Avineri appointed to TRB Traveler Behavior and Values Committee

Dr Erel Avineri has been appointed as a member of the Traveler Behavior and Values Committee (ADB10) of the Transportation Research Board. This Committee is responsible to the National Research Council of the National Academies for recommending policy and providing administrative oversight for all programs and activities of the Transportation Research Board.

The Traveler Behavior and Values Committee is concerned with promoting research and disseminating research results on traveller values, attitudes, and behaviour. Traveller values and attitudes refer to motivational, cognitive, situation and disposition factors determining human behaviour. Traveller behaviour refers primarily to the modelling and analysis of travel demand, based on theories from a variety of scientific fields. The committee serves as a forum for the development, testing, and dissemination of new interdisciplinary methods of inquiry.

Dr Erel Avineri also serves as a member of the TRB Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications (ABJ70); his appointment to this committee has been extended in another 3-year term till 2014.

May 2011 - CTS seminar - Dr Dimitrios Christopoulos

Dr Dimitrios Christopoulos, Department of Politics, UWE, is delivering a lunchtime seminar on 19 May 2011 on the topic of 'Political brokers as exceptional actors: Lobbying across policy stages in a derogation of EU transport policy'. The event is open to all and free to attend.

April 2011 - British Sociological Association 60th Annual Conference

Senior Lecturer Dr Charles Musselwhite and PhD Student Anja Dalton recently attended the 60th annual conference of the British Sociological Association. It was held at the London School of Economics in Holborn, London, from Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th April, and attracted over 1,000 delegates. The conference was divided into streams, with both Charles and Anja presenting in the 'Space, Mobility and Place' stream, convened by Professor John Urry from Lancaster University.

April 2011 - CTS seminar - Marie Russell

Marie Russell, University of Otago, New Zealand/Visiting Student UWE, delivered a lunchtime seminar on 7 April 2011 on the topic of 'Travel time use on public transport: What's the link with health and wellbeing?' Presentation slides from the event available to download.

March 2011 - Methods in dialogue: Researching mobilities

Dr Juliet Jain, from CTS, presented 'Watching, talking, writing diaries, and counting: technologies and travel' at Manchester University.

March 2011 - CTS seminar - Sarah Underwood and Amy Lee

Sarah Underwood and Amy Lee, University of California, Davis, delivered a lunchtime seminar on 17 March 2011 on the topic of 'Exploring attitudes to bicycling: A retrospective look from adulthood?' Exploring attitudes to bicycling presentation slides and research brief from the event available to download.

March 2011 - Last seminar in the series 'Moving the region forward' - Professor David Begg

Professor David Begg will be delivering the final seminar in the series on 15 March on the topic of 'Transport in the austerity age'. Transport in the austerity age presentation slides from the seminar available to download.

March 2011 - Next seminar in the series 'Moving the region forward' - Professor Stuart Cole, University of Glamorgan and Gordon Stokes, University of Oxford

Professor Stuart Cole, University of Glamorgan and Gordon Stokes, University of Oxford are delivering a seminar on 7 March on the topic of 'Transport and the rural economy'. Transport and the rural economy presentation slides from the seminar available to download.

February 2011 - Interim findings published from the evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns programme

Coinciding with the publication on 19th January 2011of the Government's White Paper on Local Transport, an Interim Report has been published on the evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns Programme. The evaluation project is being conducted by AECOM, CTS and the Tavistock Institute. Kiron Chatterjee (CTS) has been involved in the design and analysis of household surveys with residents of the cycling towns and cities and the report includes results from the baseline survey showing levels of cycling and barriers to increased cycling.

February 2011 - Presentations now available from 'Understanding and motivating cycling' seminar

In December 2010 a joint seminar on 'Understanding and Motivating Cycling' was organised for UWE staff by the Bristol Social Marketing Centre (Fiona Spotswood) and Centre for Transport and Society (Kiron Chatterjee). Understanding and motivating cycling presentation slides are now available from the seminar. Further information is available about the The Centre for the Study of Behaviour Change and Influence (CSBCI).

February 2011 - CTS seminar - Dr Shin Lee

Dr Shin Lee, Lecturer in Transportation and Spatial Analysis, School of City and Regional Planning, University of Cardiff, is delivering a lunchtime seminar on17 February 2011 on the topic of 'Transport and the recession: An opportunity to promote sustainable transport modes?' The event is open to all and free to attend. To book a place please e-mail Julie Triggle.

February 2011 - Steve Atkins appointed as Visiting Professor

Stephen Atkins has been appointed Visiting Professor to the Faculty of Environment and Technology, UWE at the request of the Centre for Transport and Society (CTS). Steve has had a varied career in transport planning including periods as an academic at Portsmouth and Southampton Universities as well as working in professional practice for London Transport, local government (Southampton City Council), national government (Strategic Rail Authority) and most recently in consultancy with MVA. In his career Steve has initiated ground-breaking research into transport and personal security and 'disappearing traffic' and is a former Chairman of the Greater London Branch of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation. He will be working to support UWE colleagues on a variety of transport research topics with an initial emphasis on travel experiences when using rail and car.

February 2011 - Two CTS-authored papers feature in Universities' Transport Study Group conference special edition of Transport Planning and Technology

Volume 34, Issue 1 of the journal Transport Planning and Technology (ISSN: 1029-0354) will be published in early 2011 as a special issue featuring six papers presented at the 2010 Universities' Transport Study Group conference held at Plymouth University 5-7 January. Two of these six competitively-selected papers were authored by CTS members. Dr Geoff Dudley, Professor Phil Goodwin, Professor Glenn Lyons, Dr Charles Musselwhite and Mr Peter Wiltshire collaborated on the article 'Lost in translation: problems in interpreting business attitudes to transport' which reported some of the findings of a project sponsored by the UK Department for Transport. Dr Alexandros Nikitas, Dr Erel Avineri and Professor Graham Parkhurst prepared 'Older people's attitudes to road charging: are they distinctive and what are the implications for policy?' which drew on quantitative aspects of a PhD successfully completed by Dr Nikitas in 2010 and supervised by his co-authors, with funding support from the UK Department for Transport and Bristol City Council.

January 2011 - Next seminar in the series 'Moving the region forward' - Malcolm Bell, Head of Tourism at VisitCornwall

Malcolm Bell, Head of Tourism at VisitCornwall is delivering a seminar on 19 January 2011 on the topic of 'The Importance of Transport to South West Tourism Businesses'. A full introductory context will be provided by Clive Charlton, of the University of Plymouth. The Importance of Transport to South West Tourism Businesses presentation is available to download.

January 2011 - Professor Phil Goodwin delivers plenary address at UTSG conference

Phil Goodwin provided the first of four plenary addresses delivered at the 43rd Universities’ Transport Study Group Annual Conference, held at the Open University Milton Keynes campus 5-7th January 2011. The paper, titled “Value for Money in a Changing Economy”, was delivered to 130 delegates, but was also the first ever UTSG address to be webcast, and can still be viewed at the Open University website. The conference was attended by 17 members of CTS, who contributed authorship on 15 of the approximately 80 papers presented at the conference.

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