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December 2008 - Professor Graham Parkhurst

Graham Parkhurst has been appointed as Professor of Sustainable Mobility. Graham has been involved in Transport and Society at UWE from its beginnings in 2002 following a successful research career at the University of Oxford and UCL. He has had overall responsibility for the successful development of our MSc in Transport Planning and has increasingly demonstrated his capacity for research leadership and team building. His appointment to this senior post will help ensure CTS continues to develop successfully.

December 2008 - CTS Winter Conference

Drawing together papers that will be presented at the 2009 Universities Transport Study Group conference in London in January 2009, CTS is holding a one-day conference on 15 December at UWE to showcase a selection of the research currently being undertaken within the Centre. The event is open to all and free to attend. The conference programme provides further details.

November 2008 - Graham Parkhurst presents at Sustainable Urban Transport Seminar

Graham Parkhurst's presentation on "Lessons and Reflections on Recent Developments in Sustainable Urban Transport" was given at the recent Sustainable Urban Transport Seminar held at UWE - presentations from the event are now available to download.

November 2008 - CTS plays host to a visit from TOI, Oslo

CTS played host to a specific visit to the UK by a delegation from the Department of Communication and Accessibility at the Institute of Transport Economics (TOI), Oslo, Norway on 7 November. The purpose of the activities undertaken during the visit was to further strengthen relations between the two groups and to explore areas for future collaboration.

October 2008 - CILT Autumn Lectures series

CTS plays host to the CILT Autumn Lectures on the evening of 20 October with the following presentations:
Professor Stephen Glaister, Imperial College, "Towards 2050: Roads and Reality"; and
Professor Martin Christopher, Cranfield University, "The Growing Crisis in Global Supply Chains"

October 2008 - Professor Lyons delivers first IHT Learned Society Lecture

On 16 October Glenn Lyons delivered the Institution of Highways and Transportation's first Learned Society Lecture at UCL. The topic of his presentation was 'Briefcase travelling - time use and value' which was based upon recent research undertaken by CTS into travel time use.

October 2008 - TPS South-West Event hosted by CTS

CTS plays host to the following TPS South-West event on October 7th:
"Transport Climate": practical policies to reduce the carbon footprint of UK's transport system with Keith Buchan, Metropolitan Transport Research Unit, presenting.

October 2008 - Cycling and Society Symposium - report of proceedings available

A report of the proceedings of the 5th Cycling and Society Symposium is available

July 2008 - UWE pioneering developments in cycling

CTS and UWE have been pursuing a number of developments in relation to cycling and these achievements were celebrated by front page coverage in UWE's internal new pubication 'Bulletin'.

July 2008 - CTS involved in new four year project on innovative strategies for clean urban transport

CTS is to be involved in the new RENAISSANCE project evaluating a €7 million package of policies for more sustainable mobility in Bath

July 2008 - Sally Everett joins CTS

Sally Everett has joined CTS to work as the principal researcher on the EPSRC FUTURES study "Navigating the city: supporting the unfamiliar traveller".

July 2008 - Report on public attitudes to transport published

As part of the UK Department for Transport's examination of its transport policy, CTS was commissioned to undertake a substantial review of evidence on public attitudes to transport. The report from the study has now been published on the Department for Transport website.

June 2008 - CTS seminar - Dr Geoff Rose

Dr Geoff Rose from Monash University is delivering a CTS seminar on 20 June 2008 on the topic of 'Appraisal and Evaluation of Travel Demand Management Measures'

June 2008 - CTS seminar - Professor Peter Stopher and Dr Kiron Chatterjee

Professor Peter Stopher from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies of the University of Sydney is delivering a seminar on 5 June jointly with Dr Kiron Chatterjee on the topic of 'Personal Travel Planning - Australian and English Experience'
Copies of the two presentations delivered are now available:

March 2008 - NATA Refresh Consultation

CTS has prepared and submitted a response to the Department for Transport's NATA Refresh Consultation.

March 2008 - International specialists' event

Further to its involvement in an international thematic network on ICT, Everyday Life and Urban Change, CTS is to host the 3rd meeting of the network - a 4-day event at which 13 papers will be presented and discussed - in March 2008.

February 2008 - CTS seminar - Dr Sebastian Ureta

Dr Sebastian Ureta is delivering a CTS seminar on 18 February 2008 on the topic of 'The Multiple User of Transantiago: Some preliminary thoughts and findings'

January 2008 - CTS seminar - Juliet Solomon

Juliet Solomon is delivering a CTS seminar on 8 January 2008 on the topic of 'Happiness and the Consumption of Mobility'

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