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December 2007 - CTS Mini Conference

Ten papers from UWE have been accepted for the 40th Universities Transport Study Group (UTSG) conference in January 2008. As a result, CTS is holding a mini conference on 12 December based on these papers to showcase its work (and give authors an opportunity to hone their skills for the UTSG conference!).

December 2007 - Teleworking and teleconferencing

Glenn Lyons was one of two expert speakers at an ESRC/DfT public policy seminar in October on the topic of "The impact of teleworking and teleconferencing on transport policy". A publication based on the event has now been produced by ESRC.

December 2007 - CTS seminar - Eric Masaba

Eric Masaba, the creator and Managing Director of Texxi, is delivering a CTS seminar on 6 December to present and discuss the background, rationale, goals and challenges of Texxi.

November 2007 - CTS seminar - Peter Miller

Peter Miller of Ito World Ltd is delivering a CTS seminar on 26 November 2007 on the topic of 'The Authority, the 'public' transport system, and the crowd'

November 2007 - CTS seminar - Dr Laura Watts

Dr Laura Watts is delivering a CTS seminar on 21 November 2007 on the topic of 'The Travel Remedy Kit: Interventions into Train Lines and Passengers'

October 2007 - Soft Computing Conference

CTS are providing technical co-sponsorship for the 12th Online World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications (WSC12).

September 2007 - New PhD studentship commences

Ben Clark has joined CTS supported by an EPSRC industrial case studentship (co-sponsored by ito World Ltd). The topic of his research is 'Reducing car ownership and use - understanding people and places'.

September 2007 - New appointments

In line with the University's ongoing support for developing UWE as a centre of excellence in transport, two new lecturing appointments came into effect this month - Dr Charles Musselwhite and Dr Yusak Susilo. These posts provide a significant enhancement to the capacity of the CTS team in developing its research portfolio as well as delivering an effective teaching programme in transport.

April 2007 - Major investment in CTS

Tbe University has recognised CTS as one of its major centres of excellence and further significant investment is being made in the development and growth of the Centre. This month two new (senior) lectureships are being advertised. There is also the intention subsequently to appoint an additional Professor in Transport and to make an assoiated Senior Research Fellow appointment.

April 2007 - Major new project to begin later in 2007

CTS has secured a major new project entitled 'Understanding user innovation - unanticipated applications of existing technology'. It involves four institutions and will commence in September 2007.

January 2007 - New project to review travel information research

CTS has been awarded a new contract by the Department for Transport to conduct a 'Strategic review of travel information'.

January 2007 - CTS seminar - Moshe Givoni

Dr Moshe Givoni is delivering a CTS seminar on 11 January 2007 on the topic of 'Towards a more sustainable air transport industry – using high speed train and larger aircraft on short haul routes'

January 2007 - CTS staff take up honorary UTSG positions

Professor Glenn Lyons has taken over from Professor Margaret Bell to become Chairman of the UK's Universities Transport Study Group. He will serve for three years. Dr Erel Avineri will act as Honorary Secretary to the UTSG Executive Committee during this period.

January 2007 - New PhD student joins CTS

Caroline Bartle has joined CTS to take up an ESRC/DfT research studentship on the topic of 'Traveller information systems and the importance of social interactions'

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