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December 2004 - CTS Advisory Board established

To assist in its ongoing direction and development, CTS has established an Advisory Board comprised principally of members external to UWE having relevant and respected expertise. The first meeting of the Board took place on 6 December.

November 2004 - Kang-Rae Ma joins CTS

Dr Kang-Rae Ma has joined CTS as a research associate following the successful completion at UCL of his PhD entitled 'The Impact of Urban Spatial Decentralisation on Jobs Housing Imbalance'. Kang-Rae will be the principal researcher on a key new EPSRC research project ' Investigating Travel Behaviour Dynamics and Their Incorporation into Transport Models'

September 2004 - Three new arrivals to CTS

CTS this month has welcomed three new people to its team. Dr Erel Avineri has taken up post as lecturer in integrated transport having previously been based at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Tilly Line and Yos Sunitiyoso have joined CTS as full-time PhD research students. Tilly will be investigating public attitudes towards sustainable transport and how are these formed and influenced. Yos aims to pursue development of learning models for commuters' activities and travel behaviour.

July 2004 - Phil Goodwin set to join CTS

Phil Goodwin is set to move to UWE and take up post with CTS as Professor of Transport Policy. Once the fomalities are completed is is expected that Phil will move from his current post at UCL to join UWE on a half-time basis, initially for a 3-year period.

June 2004 - Tim Jones joins CTS

Dr Tim Jones has joined CTS as a research associate and will be the principal researcher on a key new research activity - 'Teleworking - Trends in and Causes of Location Independent Working'. Tim joins us from Bristol University where he studied for his PhD.

March 2004 - Attitudes to road pricing

CTS has secured an important new project from the Department for Transport to conduct an international literature review of attitudes to road pricing in order to highlight and discuss key issues and identify significant gaps in the evidence base.

February 2004 - Funding secured for major new 5-year research programme 'FUTURES'

A consortium of three universities - Southampton (Transportation Research Group), Leeds (Institute for Transport Studies) and UWE (Centre for Transport and Society) has been awarded over £1.4M to pursue a 5-year research programme called 'FUTURES'. CTS is leading the 'people' focus within the programme and will be princially responsible for three substantial new research activities:

  • Navigating the city - supporting the unfamiliar traveller
  • Traveller information services - assessing barriers to their use
  • Teleworking - trends in and causes of location independent working

February 2004 - Mhairi Campbell joins CTS

Mhairi Campbell has joined CTS as a research fellow and will be the principal researcher on a key new research activity - 'Navigating the city - supporting the unfamiliar traveller'. Mhairi joins us from the Transport Research Institute at Napier University, Edinburgh.

January 2004 - Transport and Society now operating under Research Centre status

In September 2002 the Unit for Transport and Society was established in the Faculty of the Built Environment at UWE as a focus for developing a centre of excellence in transport scholarship. Late in 2003, in recognition of the substantial progress that had been made, the University conferred 'University Research Centre' status on Transport and Society. Hence, as of 1 January 2004, we are now the Centre for Transport and Society.

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