Services of the Applied Statistics Group

The Applied Statistics Group has an aim to enhance research at UWE by assisting in quantitative investigations. We are open to all organisations within UWE (e.g. administration, academic, technical, support).

Stat chat

Often colleagues across the University simply need a 30 minutes "along the right lines" chat. Just give us a call or send an e-mail. If we can act as a sounding board then we will.

Data buddy support

Times arise when a researcher would like to be "hands on" when applying standard analyses but would have greater confidence if working side-by-side with a colleague who regularly analyses data. ASG can provide the expertise and be the buddy needed. Naturally the time cost of the statistician would have to be recovered especially if prolonged involvement is needed.


In collaborative work the statistician would make a material contribution to a research project taking responsibility for the analyses, their interpretation, conclusions to be drawn, and if needed in their dissemination (e.g. in writing the methodology, statistical methods and results section for an article). In these cases, where a material contribution has been made, there is an expectation that the statistician as part of the team, should be a named author on the paper. Naturally, as part of the team, the time input of the statistician should be factored into the project budget.

Grants, bidding and research design

The staple diet of a statistician's life would seem to many to be getting down to the number crunching, designing and producing tables and graphics and in conducting statistical tests. This is only part of the case. An applied statistician is a methodologist concerned with the whole research paradigm including the design of the study (e.g. best approach from the many competing alternatives) and sample considerations (e.g. representativeness and power calculations), choosing appropriate analyses and in limitations of empirical research.

It is arguably best to include a statistician in a research team at the initial draft of any research proposal. The statistician may then be responsibly involved in the preparation of any funding bid (possibly as a named applicant). Doing so is quite common, is something that reviewers look for, and is seen to add value to the proposal.

New methods and methodologies

Statistics is a long established subject discipline and the techniques developed over the past 150 years are sufficient for many applied research problems. However, Statistics as a discipline is continually growing to meet the advances and new questions arising in other subject areas. Our members have familiarity with new methods and have been actively involved in developing new methodological approaches particularly so in utilising modern day computer technologies to develop bespoke solutions to research problems around the University. Involving a member of ASG in cutting edge research can produce a beneficial synergistic effect. Suffice to say we would be happy to discuss, and be involved with, solutions to non-standard problems.

PhD advice and co-supervision

Our services are available to postgraduate research students. It is customary courtesy for research students to discuss ASG input with their Director of Studies, or other member of their supervisory team before contacting the Unit. Credit bearing statistics modules, have been specifically prepared for PhD candidates aiming to use a large amount of statistics in pursuing their thesis.

If extensive statistical input and support is needed on a postgraduate research programme then a member of the Unit may be approached to be a named advisor or co-supervisor.

University projects

ASG undoubtedly has a role to play in perceived academic research. The Unit is also best placed to assist in quantitative studies that are in furtherance of the aims of the University, regulatory requirements and in general for the benefit of the UWE community. The Unit is actively engaged in such projects across the University either in a "hands-on" capacity or in an advisory capacity.

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