ASG Consultancy

We work within a dynamic environment where there are high levels of externally funded research, consultancy, professional and scholarly activity, often in collaboration with industry, commerce, other universities, research groups, and partners in the NHS.

Our expertise is primarily within the application of statistics, operational research and mathematics.

Grant applications and applied collaborative research

The Applied Statistics Group has expertise in the design of studies and in contributing as co-applicants or collaborators on funding grant applications both with partners based at the University or with those wishing to access the expertise of the group.  We group regularly contribute to peer reviewed academic journal articles as co-authors taking responsibility for the description of the methodology, methods of analysis, results sections (including graphics and tables), and in the legitimate and defendable statistical conclusions which may be drawn. 

Survey work, design and analysis

The unit can provide a full range of services covering advice and implementation of questionnaire and survey design, data input and analysis as well as high quality reporting and presentations. Members of the unit have been responsible for surveys as diverse as employee satisfaction within a single organisation to national surveys on dental attitudes. Familiarity with, and ready access to, a variety of software such as SPSS, SAS, S-PLUS, EXCEL, MINITAB etc gives flexibility in design and allows the data analysis and output to be matched to client requirements.

Experimental design and analysis of experimental data

The use of experimentation has always been appreciated in some industries and is becoming increasingly important universally in the area of quality management and improvement through the concepts of Parameter Design and Taguchi methodology. We can provide a careful statistical analysis of the clients existing experimental data as well as offering advice on the planning and design of any intended experimental work.

Statistical modelling

The structuring of complex data by statistical modelling provides insights and resolution that may well identify factors relevant to problem solving and decision making. The extensive range of techniques readily available on today's software require practitioners experienced in the underlying assumptions and able to critically interpret results. Recent consultancy has included survival analysis, profiling of electricity prices and the determination of energy market shares.

Statistical forecasting

Many companies have neither the time nor the expertise to take full advantage of in-house data and experience when considering future actions. Our research and consultancy links with the Business School and other faculties, as well as the industrial and business backgrounds of many of our members, allows us to provide a service which can call upon experts in the latest approaches to forecasting. Recent projects have included sales forecasting and the forecasting of peak periods of electricity demand.

Simulation methods

Members of the unit have a wide ranging experience in the application of state-of-the-art simulation software. Problems addressed have included improving enhancing the efficiency of plant operations, assessing the viability of organisational changes, optimal queue determination and investment appraisal

Decision analysis

The provision of a clear structure to a problem enhances the judgement of decision makers and also leads to a defensible and documented rationale for any course of action. The unit has experience of applying the very latest methods to decision problems ranging from the selection of computer systems to a series of technical decisions in the aerospace industry. We are also able to provide spreadsheet programs to aid financial decision-making, including those involving a substantial element of risk.

Inventory management and supply chain scheduling

Does your company need to supply customers with a wide range of products, make frequent deliveries, maintain low inventories and keep costs down? Mathematical and computer models of the connections between these conflicting pressures can help identify cost-effective policies and schedules that meet your objectives.

Short courses in statistical analysis, forecasting and application of statistical software

The unit offers tailor-made courses covering any aspect of its consultancy services to be delivered at the client's premises, within the University or at an agreed external venue. We can also offer advice and assistance in the purchase of software to meet individual client's needs and circumstances.

Past clients

  • Amey PMG
  • Bristol City Council
  • BAe
  • BT
  • Employesurveys
  • Health Protection Agency
  • Ipso Facto
  • Kaisen Consulting
  • LTSN Economics
  • Mercator
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • National Patient Safety Agency
  • Network Recycling
  • RDSU, Southmead Hospital
  • United Bristol Healthcare Trust
  • Wyman Dillon

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