Independent Peer Review of the Port Talbot PM10 Data Team Work Programme: An assessment of the progress and scientific robustness of measures

Project details

Funding body: Welsh Government.

Dates: 2012 - 2018.

Project summary

Continuing from previous work undertaken for the Welsh Government in Port Talbot, AQMRC was commissioned by the Welsh Government to provide independent peer review of the activities of the Port Talbot PM10 Data Team.

The contract arises from a recommendation by the Air Quality Expert Group which identified merit in the involvement of external peer reviewers to help ensure that the Work Programme remains focussed and makes best use of the scientific data and analysis resources.

As such, AQMRC have assessed the progress and scientific robustness of deliverables by the Data Team against the specific AQEG recommendations as outlined in their report "Understanding PM10 in Port Talbot". This includes the review of emission inventories, dispersion modelling outputs, action plans, speciation studies etc.

For more details, please email Professor Enda Hayes.

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