Assessment of the UK Local Authority’s Air Quality Review and Assessment Procedure for the UK Government

Project details

Funding Bodies: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Welsh Government, Scottish Government, Greater London Authority, Department of Environment, Northern Ireland

Collaborators: Air Quality Consultants Ltd

Dates: 1999 - 2011

Project summary

AQMRC supported Defra and the Devolved Administrations in the delivery of the Review and Assessment process for over a decade.  The support provided to the UK Government and UK local authorities included:

  • Contribution to the development of the UK Technical Guidance and Policy Guidance since the inception of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)
  • The evaluation of numerous technical and process aspects of the LAQM process in the UK, the outcomes of which fed directly into the 2003 and 2008/9 updates of official guidance and the In-House Policy Unit’s Review of LAQM.
  • Provision of technical and policy support to local authorities through the provision of a helpdesk service.
  • Official appraisal of all UK Local Authority Review and Assessment Reports submitted from 1999-2010 on behalf of the UK Government for sound science and adherence to guidance which included extensive detailed air quality monitoring and dispersion modelling assessment.
  • Development of clear and concise protocols for official feedback and conflict resolution.
  • Provision of data for national reporting purposes. through the development and population of bespoke database e.g. Air Quality Management Area statistics.
  • Support in answering UK Parliamentary Questions.

For more details please e-mail Dr Enda Hayes.

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