DISTILLATE - Design and implementation support tools for integrated local land use

Project details

Funding body: EPSRC

Collaborators: University of Leeds; Centre for Environment and Planning at the UWE, University College London, Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York and TRL

Dates: 2006 - 2009

Website: DISTILLATE project

Project summary

DISTILLATE is one of 14 research programmes funded under the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's overarching research programme on the development of a Sustainable Urban Environment.

AQMRC were a partner in this project and worked alongside the Centre for Environment and Planning at UWE with a large number of case-study partners in both the local government and transport sectors. The project examined the barriers that prevent sustainable transport schemes being fully integrated into current transport and land-use planning policies.

For more details please e-mail Dr Tim Chatterton.

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