European Union Air Quality Framework Contract

Project details

Funding Body: Directorate General Environment, European Commission

Collaborators: ECORYS, NERI, Risø DTU, Milieu and MWH

Dates: 2011 - 2015

Project summary

AQMRC is part of a consortium that has been awarded the Framework Contract for providing support to the European Commission for the review of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution and the related instruments on ambient air quality (Directives 2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC) and the National Emissions Ceiling Directive (2001/81/EC). 

The work to be undertaken under the contract will include the assessment of current and future policies and the identification of management options at European, national, regional or local level including the assessment of their effectiveness, cost and benefits and means of implementation measures through various legal and non-legal instruments. 

The consortium includes: ECORYS, NERI (the Danish National Environmental Research Institute), Risø DTU, (the Danish National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy), Milieu (a Belgian consultancy specialising in European law and policy), and MWH (a global consultancy specialising in sustainable governance and engineering).  The consortium is currently working on a project to assess the reasons for non-compliance of ozone target value set by Directive 2008/50/EC and potential for air quality improvements in relation to ozone pollution.

For more details please e-mail Dr Tim Chatterton.

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