On local, national and international projects, the AQMRC team have integrated a broad range of public engagement and outreach into our work.

Alongside our academic, professional and policy-influencing dissemination, we view public engagement via media, talks and lectures, events, and school outreach as crucial to our portfolio.

We aim where possible to incorporate public engagement into our research bids and projects, generate opportunities for students to engage in ‘live projects’ working for and with communities, and respond to media requests.

As one example, our work on ClairCity has involved engagements across Bristol and the region at community events and local schools, reaching over 700 children and thousands of adults. Our “Air Pollution Solutions” primary school activity is part of the national British Science Week 2019 pack and will be freely available to download for schools across the UK from the British Science Association in 2019.

Locally and nationally, our team receives frequent requests to speak at community and public events, and we try our best to attend where possible.

ClairCity image
Children as engineers:
Primary school outreach from the ClairCity project.


Presenting AQMRC work at the Festival of Nature.

Group discussion

Group discussions with representatives from different organisations. 

The above photos have been provided courtesy of the AQMRC.


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