Studying in Bristol

Castle Park Bristol

Bristol offers you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and build on your passions - right on your doorstep. Recognised for its acres of parkland, stunning cityscapes, and sustainable approach.

An attractive city, surrounded by unspoilt countryside

Bristol has everything a thriving city has to offer, yet you can glimpse the surrounding countryside from most streets. Large sections of the Avon gorge and surrounding woodlands are protected as a biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. A popular destination for conservationists, you can see peregrine falcons and unique fauna and flora here.

From Bristol you can explore coasts and estuaries, visit the historic city of Bath and explore the countryside of the Cotswolds and the Somerset levels. Many of our modules interact with these local environments.

Environmentally active

Bristol is well known for environmental research, campaigning and activism. The Environment Agency, Soil Association, and Sustrans all have headquarters in the city.

There are a range of agencies, organisations and practices that operate across the geography, planning, environmental management, transport and civil engineering specialisms. We have established links with the majority of them providing classroom, job, and placement opportunities for students.

Bristol also supports a considerable body of expertise in the broader infrastructure sector, with a range of bodies directly involved in the planning, design, environmental appraisal and ultimate construction of a range of high profile projects. The development of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley, Somerset, is just one example.

Bristol is an ambitious city that pushes the boundaries in sustainable development. It became England’s first Cycling City and named European Green Capital in 2015 on the basis of its environmental achievements, future commitments and ability to inspire others. Staff and students from across the department played an important role in the Green Capital initiative.

A growing, green city and economy

The city is forecast to grow as a response to Bristol’s buoyant economy. This success is being translated into a variety of projects around the city creating some valuable case studies for study and reflection. Investment in new forms of sustainable infrastructure, include an ambitious Metrobus scheme that will extend across the city.

Bristol has a strong and growing green economy which is driven by national and multi-national organisations as well as small businesses and social enterprises. The South West has been dubbed the UK’s hub for renewable energy and much of this activity is led from within the Bristol area.

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