Sophie Hill, BSc Environmental Resource Management

Why did you choose to study Environmental Resource Management?

I enjoyed being able to focus on the particular part of geography that I prefer- energy, renewables and climate change- yet still having flexibility to select other geography modules too.

What has been your favourite module?

I found Climate Change and Environmental Hazards to be the most interesting. It had considerable depth and covered a vast amount of material and it was very easy to stay interested! The enthusiasm shown by the module leader was infectious.

Can you sum up your overall experience of being a UWE student?

Generally the experience has been an enjoyable and a straightforward one. I have gained support throughout my studies and have really found the university experience to help me personally. Undertaking such things as finding a house in year two provide opportunities for extending your independence.

What extra-curricular opportunities have you been involved with?

I have enjoyed my time in the university’s hockey and skiing societies and have sought to undertake volunteering work wherever possible. I have made the most of my university experience and undertaken a variety of activities alongside my degree. I have also worked towards the UWE Bristol Futures Award which I have found to be really rewarding.

What's the best thing about studying in Bristol?

Bristol is easy for me to get to from home and the city has excellent links to other parts of the UK. Bristol is a really friendly city that has a lot going on. It has a strong green focus which really complements the course. The city also has a vibrant night life.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I am keen to get experience with a variety of different companies throughout the summer and then return to UWE to pursue postgraduate study. The course looks really interesting and the discount on course fees is particularly welcome!

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