Advanced Geographical Expedition - Kenya 2013

Maasai people in the African bushIn June this year, a group of third year geography students set off to Kenya as part of the Advanced Geographical Expedition module. Spending some time in a safari camp in the African bush and some time down at the coast, students studied different aspects of the country, whilst undertaking individual research projects.

In a country rich in wildlife, students learned about the ecology of the Rift Valley savannah and coral reefs and visited a variety of conservation initiatives, a highlight of which was the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage. They found out about the culture and traditions of the Maasai, the problems facing farmers trying to make a living in difficult conditions and the benefits and problems that tourism brings. A theme running throughout the trip was the means of achieving economic developmStudents studying a tree in the African Bushent that is sustainable and environmentally sound.

One expedition member said, "It’s a fantastic opportunity to link uni with adventure and be in a perfect learning environment where what you’re studying is happening all around you."

Photography by Nicolette de Sausmarez

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