Almeria field trip

The second year field trip to Almeria is a week-long residential trip to, focussed on the development of the Alpine Orogeny and its influence on basin development.

Almeria field tripPrior to the field based component of the module there is a considerable amount of site specific work and research methods preparation and learning that you will complete.

The field trip focuses on developing research techniques whilst exploring the geology and key themes include:

  • Landscape and basin evolution
  • Metamorphic geology and its relationships with the overriding sediments
  • Reefal building in the Almeria region
  • Carbonates of reefal environments
  • Reconstruction past sedimentary environments
  • Strike-slip faulting of the Almeria region
  • Volcanic material of the Almeria region.

Collection of geological data and research method skills are developed throughout the week including collecting and interpretation geological data, working as a team, and verbally presenting as a group; all important employability attributes. Each evening there is work to be submitted for assessment by tutors and this gives students the opportunity to gauge their development as researchers in preparation for your dissertation.

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