Bespoke graduate training

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Bespoke graduate training can be a cost effective way of developing an organisation’s workforce. We can work with your organisation to support your graduate development programmes.

In-house training

Where such programmes are well-established, we can provide new options and opportunities for individuals’ learning. This includes the possibility of university accreditation of your own in-house training courses – where UWE Bristol adds assessment and validates the course to the UK Higher Education’s QAA quality and standards requirements.  This demonstrates the standard of the in-house training for existing staff, and enhances the organisation’s profile in terms of the learning and support it offers new employees.

Graduate learning package

We can also help smaller companies to create a graduate learning package attractive to new employees – and perhaps to those already within the organisation.

We can provide a rapid acquisition of knowledge in areas of both immediate and long term career and capability relevance, by applying learning directly to the workplace, which is tailored to an organisation’s specific needs. We will work with the organisation to develop individuals whist providing the learners themselves with all the benefits of university facilities (such as library access) to support their study programmes.

Opportunities for non-graduates

If you are not a graduate, have non-standard academic qualifications or have experience in the workplace, you will also be able to work towards a professional qualification.

By taking modules and short courses, you can build up credit towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification and meet the competency requirements required by the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC to gain chartered status.

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