Welcome to the department of Engineering Design and Mathematics


Addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century requires graduates who can use a range of engineering technologies, mathematical skills and design methods to define, develop and deliver solutions that meet user requirements, offer value for money and are environmentally effective. Mathematics is an integral part of engineering, but also provides solutions in computing, finance, business and health.

Our staff work in integrated teams, covering a range of subject disciplines, to deliver programmes of research and study that aim to challenge, enthuse and stimulate, providing you with the best possible positioning for your future career.

A key element of our approach is based on  partnership and collaboration. Partnership is at the heart of all our activities, including research, teaching, knowledge exchange, consultancy and professional development.

Our unique partnerships and relationships put us in a strong position as a department, working closely with regional, national and international partners to develop the cross-disciplinary solutions needed for the modern age.

Lisa Brodie, Head of Department

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