Student Consultancy Projects

Community-Student-University partnership in action

Student consultancy projects offer local organisations free consultancy in exchange for hosting a final year undergraduate student project team.

Each academic year we work with small local organisations as partners in our unique student consultancy scheme. Client organisations benefit from free consultancy on systems analysis, information management and strategy, web design or other ICT-related matters, in exchange for hosting a project team.

Student teams of four or five "consultants" work in client organisations for up to a day per week between late October and late March.

Only a small number of projects can be run annually, so a selection process is involved.

Apply to take part

Projects vary widely. Previous clients have benefited from feasibility studies on the use of ICT. Others have involved web design and software development. Some look more broadly at enhancing organisational effectiveness through improving non-IT systems.

Projects focusing on computing or social media are encouraged too. We also welcome innovative, exploratory ideas that take advantage of new technologies.

Find out more

Learn about the academic basis of the scheme and some examples of client, student and staff experiences by watching this video:

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To find out more contact our Employer Engagement Hotline by email at or telephone +44 (0)117 32 85353.

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