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Osama AbuhaseeraOsama Abuhaseera
MSc Software Engineering

Why did you choose to study at UWE Bristol?

"Studying abroad is a good idea, but choosing the right host country is very important decision. United Kingdom is a wonderful country and a major cultural centre. Its people are appealing, welcoming and open minded. Moreover, United Kingdom has a high educational system and has been ranked the second country in the world hosting international students.

"Choosing the right university is challenging. UWE is one of Britain's most popular qualified universities, modern and growing university. However, I was looking for a university that does not only address my interest in research and education, but also a university that creates employment opportunities in the industry environment for its graduates. UWE has a success record of networks, links and partnerships with various bodies and companies to bridge the gap between students and the working environment. When I visited UWE for the first time, looking at its facilities and communities and meeting the academic staff, reading their achievements, research areas and their students who become professionals in different leading organizations in the UK, I came to recognize it is the right place to start my academic and career development. Finally, as a Muslim I would like to give UWE my deepest appreciation and respect that they support all religious communities with the different facilities to perform their obligations and prays."

What do enjoy most about your course?

"I have enjoyed the course contents which address state of the art subjects and issues. The modules are interrelated and well-managed, particularly the organisation of coursework and assignments to give a reasonable time for each one without conflict. Moreover, many courses have guest lecturers from industry. The course is equipped with different technologies facilitating the education and research process including: modern networked labs and halls, presentation and printing facilities, 24/7 opened library and labs etc. As I’m finishing this degree, I would to conclude: I have started a new stage in my academic life since this course."

In what ways have the staff/course tutors been helpful and supportive?

"In my personal experience with MSc software engineering course at UWE, I consider the academic staff the most interesting. On an individual basis, they are very appealing, welcoming, social, punctual and helpful. On the academic side, they are knowledgeable with theoretical and practical aspects to link theories with applications. In addition to that you always find the advice you need in your coursework and dissertation, they positively influence the students to direct them in their research areas, open their eyes to the current debates and interest of software development community. Moreover, they have a good relationship with industry, with guest representative providing talks and presentations. All of that contribute to  developing good students."

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