Partner employers

We work in partnership with a group of about 50 key employers to ensure that we are developing the type of graduates that the market needs. Our partners help us develop the right content for our courses and we in turn help them identify, meet and ideally employ the graduates that they want.

Employers engage with us by participating in one or more of the following partner consortia:

Construction Consortium

Willmott Dixon Group, Balfor Beatty and the other leading construction industry employers who are working with us to continue to develop our graduates.

Computing and Engineering Consortium

Leading industry employers such as Intel and Airbus are working with us to continue to develop in demand graduates.

Embedded Systems Consortium

The leading industry employers, such as GE Aviation, helping us to develop sought after graduates in the field of embedded systems.

Real Estate Consortium

The leading real estate industry employers working with us to continue to develop sought after graduates.

Planning and Architecture Consortium

Stride Treglown Limited, Atkins and the other leading industry employers in fields of planning and architecture working with us to continue to create in demand students.

How do I become a partner employer?

The number of partners we work with is limited and membership is by invitation. Many of our partners are large companies and organisations. However, we are also seeking to work with smaller local employers as well as those that are developing new technologies.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us about becoming a partner employer.

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